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Democratizing Video Content Delivery

Faster broadband services and 4G and 5G networks, coupled with the proliferation of smart devices are popularizing videos, making them the most preferred medium for entertainment, collaboration, learning, marketing and more. However, behind the creation and delivery of alluring videos, there are a large number of complex backend processes—from video transcoding and processing, video player design and development, to secure content hosting and delivery. Intelligent Online Video Platforms (OVPs) are what make these processes a breeze, enabling companies to offer superior video experience to the users.

OVPs today not only help companies create, manage, deliver, and monetize videos but also oversee their integration with third party platforms, and monitor the performance of those videos. For instance, social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with more than a billion users make an ideal platform for businesses to advertise their brands using videos. OVPs allow integration with social media and effortlessly publish the video content. Also, businesses can leverage the analytics component of OVPs to track the number of viewers at any given time, viewing rate, geographic distribution, and more to gain insights about their campaign performance and take measures to make it better. While most OVPs offer a range of basic services, businesses need to select the one that fits into their enterprise vision while supporting the existing workflows backed by a distributed and reliable network of servers—ultimately leading to improved bottom line.

    Top Companies

  • Frame.io is a video review and collaboration platform designed to unify media assets and creative conversations in a user-friendly environment. Headquartered in New York City, Frame.io was developed by filmmakers, VFX artists and post production executives


  • Provider of a broad set of video products and capabilities to customers across all industries


  • Offers content-aware streaming technology for multi-screen and OTT video services while minimizing operational costs


  • Panopto provides businesses and universities with an industry-leading video content management system (VCMS), along with integrated tools for creating online presentations, recording screencasts, lecture capture, webcasting live events, delivering online training, and more. Founded in 2007, Panopto holds offices in Pittsburgh, Seattle, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney


  • Provides user-friendly video content solutions for Smart TV OEMs and content publishers to serve the novice users