Widen: Ensuring Complete Control on Digital Asset Management

Matthew Gonnering, CEO, WidenMatthew Gonnering, CEO
Justin Mills, Director of Advertising and PR at Flexsteel, manages over ten thousands of ever growing digital assets. He was in the lookout for a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that could facilitate secure data management with multiple field searches and data visibility. The quest ended up opting Widen’s DAM platform, Media Collective. “Widen’s Media Collective granted us complete control over our photo information and library, for the first time,” says Mills. Based out of Wisconsin, Widen is a marketing technology company which offers cloud based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions to marketers.

In the current landscape of digital communication, designers and marketers struggle to maintain control over their digital assets. On top of that, the in-house IT departments are also occupied with handling critical business operations throughout the organization. This scenario is further aggravated by the lack of real-time integration between IT departments and dynamic asset management requirements of designers and marketers. Widen replenishes this gap with its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Media Collective. “We blurred the line between the installed solutions and SAAS by providing a managed platform,” says Matthew Gonnering, CEO, Widen. In sight of providing a global DAM platform, Widen leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Media Collective to enable its clients to access content irrespective of location, time, and device, securely.

Located centrally on cloud, Media Collective helps businesses in managing and consolidating existing content and also keeps the users connected to collect the asset they create.

We blurred the line between the installed solutions and SAAS by providing a managed platform

It features automatic file conversion and easy tagging, grouping, editing, and sharing of the content. It also allows different teams within the organization to utilize the appropriate assets giving them on-demand access to download, share and repurpose relevant content. To make content search simple, the users can also add metadata while uploading the content. The clients are also given control over what users see and execute on their websites.It even performs analytics on usage data and presents it in a way that allows clients to make decisions about their brand and marketing strategy encouraging stakeholder collaboration before and after content usage.

Traditional content workflows are not free. Rather oftentimes, redundancies, storage costs, hardware, and search time result in burgeoning costs, more than implementing DAM. Widen’s DAM streamlines processes, and speeds time-to-market significantly effecting Return on Investment (RoI). For Motorola, the onboarding cost of finding, converting, and delivering thousands of files was astronomical before implementing Widen’s DAM. Due to its implementation, Motorola could bring down their overhead costs to a significant amount. “It’s our job to understand client’s requirement, and assess possible outcomes. Subsequently, we create a solution that answers all of the client’s problems,” explicates Gonnering.

Widen’s impactful presence in DAM arena has bequeathed them with a lot of accolades and their growing stature has not gone unnoticed by giants like YouTube, Dropbox and Workfront. Having a strong alliance with aforementioned brands helps Widen in offering their clients an advantage of conceptualizing, creating, organizing, but also, helps in publishing any content on diverse platforms.

Widen maintains an engaged user community spread worldwide. Believing in educating clients through all stages of the DAM lifecycle, Widen is engaged incessantly in training, consulting, thought leadership, and organizing user summits. “What drives me is the possibility of the unknown. You always look for incremental improvement, those are the driving factors,” concludes Gonnering.