VOPED: Powerful Out-of-the-Box Technology

Mark Serrano, Founder & President, VOPEDMark Serrano, Founder & President
There can be absolutely no doubt that online video is basic to the way individuals now devour content and to ignore or shy away from this reality will prove to be detrimental to any organization that would like to develop its brand online in the coming years. To remain a player in the digital space, firms of all sizes need to understand the power of storytelling and how the digital space is fast becoming a video marketer’s playground to connect with the audience. Washington based VOPED has been providing forward-thinking video platform solutions to help manage, brand, deliver, and monetize online video content for its professional and enterprise-level clients. “We have built a robust online video platform, offering brands, online publishers, premium content providers, and others with powerful technology that can shorten launch times and support their online video business models,” says Mark Serrano, Founder and President of VOPED. The company’s turnkey solutions such as web portals, and mobile and Smart TV apps, with features including Digital Rights Management, Pay Per View, subscriptions, live streaming, video on-demand, ad serving, social integration, end-user management, and multi-platform delivery, are creating a difference in the online video market. Under Serrano’s leadership, VOPED’s digital delivery system has been designed from the ground up for extensibility, which allows the platform to rapidly adapt to new technologies and market strategies.

The company’s hosted website solution, VidFront, helps firms and brands quickly launch their own video website.

VidFront allows publishers to focus on content instead of the supporting technology

VidFront allows content publishers, companies and organizations to rapidly launch a new or redesigned video website under their own brand, using either a standard template or a completely customized site. “Many online publishers and brands struggle with the rapid deployment of a well designed, easy-to-manage website for delivering and monetizing video content, and consumer expectations are only going to increase as more video content becomes available,” adds Serrano. “VidFront allows publishers to focus on content instead of the supporting technology.”

VOPED instills powerful online video technology in the hands of an organization’s content management team to help them reach and engage their audience. “VOPED’s user-friendly Management Console makes it easy to distribute, monetize, and analyze all video assets, including delivering content to Pay Per View and 24-hour live streaming,” explains Serrano. VOPED’s technology provides all the necessary tools for online publishers and brands to implement digital delivery strategies online. VOPED’s clients include a major wrestling entertainment organization who streamlines live Pay Per View events to thousands of avid fans. The company also assists live music studios to expand and engage their audience base alongside managing enterprise-level video content management systems, and start-up ventures that need to protect premium video content for delivery to niche audiences across the globe.

The company’s scalable, 24-hour live streaming technology can handle unlimited users, and social media integration ensures maximum reach and engagement for numerous live online video events. From live music venues seeking to expand and monetize an online audience base, to major sporting event broadcasters with the potential to reach mobile users with advertisements and promotions, VOPED’s powerful online video technology has all of the tools to support live streaming content ventures. To support the business mission of their clients, VOPED maintains its original entrepreneurial spirit. “We are constantly improving our video platform based on the learning drawn from the marketplace, and we collaborate with enterprise businesses and organizations to help them maximize the potential of their valuable video content,” concludes Serrano.