Vetrya: Revamping the Media Experience

Luca Tomassini, Founder, Chairman & CEO, VetryaLuca Tomassini, Founder, Chairman & CEO
Every organization today has a yearning for rich media and video content to provide a flawless digital experience for customers. However, with the advent of multiple online communication channels and changing user behaviors, managing the media content has become a tough row to hoe. On top of that, organizations with conventional business models have to contend with compatibility, customization, and monetization issues, which present a greater challenge for CIOs.

What organizations need today is a comprehensive digital asset management platform that integrates different capabilities in terms of delivery, personalization, and conversion, all in a single end-to-end solution. To address these requirements, Vetrya [VTY.MI], a renowned Italian group is moving in a direction ahead of its time to offer groundbreaking digital applications, services, and broadband solutions. Vetrya’s wide range of digital communication solutions includes multiscreen platforms, digital payments, video syndication, and a digital advertising platform. These solutions cater to broadband telecommunications networks, media asset management, mobile entertainment, mobile commerce, Internet TV, broadcasting, digital advertising, and content production.

Luca Tomassini, founder, chairman and CEO of Vetrya shares more insights about their unique value proposition, digital asset management solutions, and roadmap for the future.

What are some of the disruptions that Vetrya brings to the table to help clients mitigate challenges in the media and entertainment space?

At the outset, Vetrya is dedicated to exploiting new opportunities and innovations offered by network and communication technologies. Our ultimate goal is to help customers achieve success, mainly by leveraging cloud computing platforms for broadband telecommunications networks and Microsoft Azure’s cognitive services. To accomplish this, our proficient team has architected Eclexia, a groundbreaking proprietary digital asset management (DAM) platform. The highlight of the platform is that it can be operated on multi-screens and can be easily integrated with desktop and mobile environments. Eclexia is designed as a multiscreen distribution video platform to deliver video on demand (VOD) and live streaming content simultaneously.

Our DAM platform allows the distribution of both pay content (transactional and subscription video on demand) and Ad-supported content to provide better customer experience. All the credit of the payment modules goes to HTML5 web player, which integrates with the main Ad servers in the market while encouraging the monetization of content. Integrated with AI and big data, our DAM platform provides an additional layer of customized video experience.
The smart ADV capabilities allow users to manage the complex variables of displaying personalized advertising during the live broadcast, as well as customized video and content catalogs, according to their profile and preferences.

Built on ISO 27001 certified Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services, Eclexia assures a secure environment to share content across a wide range of users from broadcasters to digital marketers, including education and retail operators

Creating good content is not enough if it is not distributed in the right places. With Eclexia, customers can efficiently manage content such as video, audio, and images from any source. Built on ISO 27001 certified Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services, Eclexia assures a secure environment to share content across a wide range of users from broadcasters to digital marketers, including education and retail operators.

What is the key differentiating factor that sets Vetrya apart from the market competition?

As a pioneer in the Italian digital media distribution field, we have assisted several clients that include all major telco operators, broadcasters, and media companies and gained a precocious leadership. Our secret sauce for success is that we are never satisfied with our accomplishments; we always strive for new targets and opportunities. Unlike other companies, that leveraged their position in the domestic market to export their solutions abroad, we established our foreign branches to import further know-how and capabilities, in order to distribute them both in new markets and in Italy.

Another key aspect that assists us in thwarting the competition is the expertise of our people and their commitment to the company. Our amazing team and loyal customers are helping us to write new pages in our success story every day. We believe that people are our value, the real distinctive feature, and our future.

Could you please cite one or two case studies on how you have enabled clients to overcome hurdles and attain desired outcomes with your array of solutions?

One success story that springs to mind is about a major international media company. We released a video streaming distribution service for their main TV channel that broadcasts leading entertainment for kids. The media company was able to successfully integrate Eclexia with their specific apps to enable the live channel, videos on-demand, and mobile games. The whole service reaches more than 100K users per day.

In another instance, a well-known national publisher providing a wide range of online newspapers and magazines deployed Vetrya’s DAM. Upon implementation, the national publisher was able to disseminate and enhance all the multimedia content provided through the platform player on all online editorial products.

One more interesting success story is about a high-profile Italian University, which combined Eclexia with its e-learning platform to effectively address teaching and learning needs, along with managing all educational content and interaction compliant with SCORM standards. The platform is also integrated with HTMLS5 player protection features to prevent content from being disseminated outside the university domain. Eclexia also enables students to follow the lessons in real time and in VOD modality.

What does the future hold for your organization? Any footprint expansion plans or platform enhancement strategies that you can shed light upon?

With a strong customer focus and undying faith in our employees, we are making great strides in the digital media marketing space. We are expanding our services and solutions across the whole digital transformation value chain. The latest, Vilast, our platform for digital signage services, is the perfect example of possible developments based on the existing products. With more products in the pipeline, especially digital payments and cognitive services integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning: Vetrya continues its innovation spree.