Transversal: Enterprise Knowledge Reimagined

Heather Richards, CEO, TransversalHeather Richards, CEO
The media and entertainment industry is making a dramatic shift from analog to digital systems—digitizing the entire business from content creation to delivery. However, this has lead to the creation of overwhelming amount of data, making it harder for the organizations to maintain a proper knowledge flow. In order to be successful, the highly knowledge intensive media and entertainment sector seek instant availability of data at every step of its data-to-day operation, and this is where Transversal steps in. The Boston, MA-based company provides enterprise grade knowledge management solutions enabling media and entertainment organizations help connect people with knowledge—ensuring customers and employees make right decisions the first time. It helps maximize the value of archived digital content, creates new digital revenue streams, and delivers personalized content to consumers.

Powered by advanced cognitive technologies that use natural language processing and machine learning, the firm has built knowledge management solutions that deliver scalable results. “Our solutions are designed to fuel the confidence in delivering fast accurate answers to customers, partners and employees who rely on our software every day,” asserts Heather Richards, CEO at Transversal. The firm provides enterprise knowledge solutions through its revolutionary technology platform—Prescience. At the heart of the platform lies semantic search tool, the Memory Engine understands the meaning of words and how words connect to form concepts. “As our technology knows what your customers want, we enable you to provide the right answers quickly and automatically,” affirms Heather.

As our technology knows what your customers want, we enable you to provide the right answers quickly and automatically

The firm provides a complete knowledge platform to support globalization that many large multinational organizations require. Prescience enables the creation and search of content in multiple languages, together with the ability to specify time zones and locations.

Powered by advanced cloud computing technologies, the platform is designed to anticipate human actions or events even before they occur. It enables business knowledge available to everybody who is in need of it, anytime and anyplace through any device. Additionally, it provides a set of modular enterprise capabilities for companies to collect, manage and predict the information generated during customers interaction with business to rapidly deploy knowledge applications.

As convenience and availability are essential in today’s digital era, Transversal provides web-based self-service solution to enable customers to find answers online. The self-learning knowledge solution offers astuted assistance that deliberately encloses answers with dynamic pieces of content related to self-service inquiries such as related topics, product promotions, service alerts and troubleshooting wizards. As a result, the search technology truly understands the intent of a customer’s inquiry and in turn, delivers a highly accurate response.

In an instance, John Lewis, a departmental store company approached Transversal as they were looking for ways to enhance its customers’ experience and ensure that its reputation for first-class customer service is consistent across all channels. It was very important to the client to do this without compromising service–at the same time keeping the cost to serve each customer as low as possible. The self-service option from Transversal was attractive to John Lewis because the intelligent search, feedback and analytical mechanisms meant that customers were able to find information more easily. Evidently, John Lewis was able to monitor and measure the success of this process at every stage with the cloud-based nature of the solution.

Transversal aims to deliver a healthy project ecosystem where the customer can easily keep pace with their requirements, get timely support, and benefit from innovation across the technology landscape. “We are more excited about introducing the transformative effects of Prescience to even more organizations over the coming years,” concludes Heather.