RightAnswers: Effective Tools to Augment Knowledge Base

Jeff Weinstein, President & CEO, RightAnswersJeff Weinstein, President & CEO
Enterprises need data in the form of knowledge to fulfill their business goals, streamline IT tasks, and manage operations in a timely and effective manner. To realize the true worth of their existing resources and support the decision making processes, organizations adopt knowledge management tools that effortlessly help manage and logically advance knowledge resources. However, many firms are exposed to the challenge of ensuring ideal distribution of knowledge with those tools across their organizational structure. “For companies, we believe it is not enough to have knowledge; it has to be readily findable and usable,” states Jeff Weinstein, President and CEO of RightAnswers.

Based in Edison, NJ, RightAnswers provides cloud-based knowledge management, web, and mobile self-service and social knowledge solutions to cater to the information needs of companies. “We teach our customers' support agents and other knowledge authors to set up the knowledge base and create high-quality knowledge based on their audiences’ needs,” adds Weinstein.

RightAnswers offers several products and solutions to help customers create and consume knowledge while allowing its efficient distribution to make them effective for business growth. RightAnswers’ flagship product, Solution Manager is an intuitive offering that helps knowledge authors build and modify knowledge articles. It enables authors to personalize solutions for different audiences, like agents, customers and employees. Solution Manager also allows the development of several different, interactive solution platforms. Based on knowledge best practices, the Solution Manager can support any knowledge methodology and has KCS Verified V5— the highest level of KCS accreditation.

Other prominent products of RightAnswers are Knowledge Federation, Knowledge Automation, Knowledge Quality, Interactive Knowledge, and Knowledge- Paks.

For companies, we believe it is not enough to have knowledge; it has to be readily findable and usable

Through Knowledge Federation, RightAnswers delivers all enterprise knowledge in a single view, while Intelligent Knowledge Builder automatically fills the gaps in enterprise knowledge. “To make sure you have all the knowledge you need, Intelligent Knowledge takes a proactive approach to knowledge management by evaluating the demand for knowledge from all the support channels,” says Weinstein. The firm’s Automated Knowledge Quality tool ensures high-quality knowledge on an ongoing basis, where each article receives a quality score, indicating articles that need improvement. With RightAnswers’ knowledge authoring tool, enterprises can easily create interactive knowledge to engage with customers and support agents. The company's Knowledge- Paks library delivers pre-packaged knowledge for IT technical support, which benefits organizations by providing faster problem resolution, improved customer experience, decreased call time, and lower support costs.

Additionally, RightAnswers offers Mobile Self-Service product, which is aimed at helping users optimize knowledge by availing self-service on tablets and smartphone devices. The product enables RightAnswers’ clients to deliver the full self-service experience and empowers field crews with remote admittance to knowledge even in areas without internet connectivity. With the multilingual support system, RightAnswers sets itself apart in the knowledge management landscape.

Its knowledge management software interface has been localized into twenty-four different languages. Also, RightAnswers software automatically discovers the language of the browser and shows the search results in the language sought by the user to support customers in different regions. “Through our solutions, support agents can flip between languages and knowledge can be targeted to specific geographic regions,” extols Weinstein.

Forging ahead, the company plans on innovating and delivering more products and services worldwide to help organizations in serving their customers better. RightAnswers is aiming to expand their footprint globally. “We continue to lead the way in providing a knowledge management platform that reduces costs and improves overall customer satisfaction,” concludes Weinstein.