Piksel: Managing Digital Life - The Fast, Smart and Intuitive Way

Peter Heiland, CEO, PikselPeter Heiland, CEO
The recent advancements in technology have drastically reduced the cost of owning smart mobile devices and in accessing the internet. More and more individuals are now able to access online video content and this has brought a dramatic shift in the TV and video entertainment industry. On top of that, services such as Video On Demand (VOD) and Over The Top (OTT) are fundamentally changing the way videos are produced, sold, and distributed. The viewers, unchained off their couches, are accessing personalized content anytime, anywhere, and on any screen, and both the media and the non-media businesses are trying to capitalize on this ever-growing consumer demand for videos. In this scenario, Online Video Platforms (OVP) are emerging as technical aids that help content creators, aggregators and distributors leverage utmost capabilities of the technology with minimum investments. “Pioneering the online video service market with our cloud based technology and viewer centric approach, we help our clients in landing more content to the market, more quickly to every corner of the globe,” says Peter Heiland, CEO, Piksel. Based out of New York City, Piksel offers diverse OVP services and solutions to help clients capture audiences, and maximize the potential of their video content for better reach and return.

Delivering large volume of video content, that too, to diverse devices across the globe is quite a challenge for businesses. Piksel’s Digital Showcase platform is specifically designed to address this challenge.

Piksel’s solutions help companies maximize return on their video-based assets

“Leveraging Digital Showcase’s viewer-centric approach, and the broadcast and broadband video intellects, our clients are able to deliver more content to more devices, anywhere in the world, faster than ever,” explicates Heiland. The platform is SaaS based and requires no upfront capital investment. The platform also offers various levels of customizations with broadcast-level support and operations. “And clients won’t have to invest in hardware or solutions that might be obsolete next year,” adds Heiland. The platform provides additional capabilities facilitating and monitoring social interactions with the users in real time and generating valuable analytics that can be utilized in advertising, partnerships, interactivity, and future content development. For the content aggregators and distributors, Piksel’s OVP platform helps them in creating a broadcast quality, always-available, highly secure OTT offer that complements their ad-supported or subscription business.

The product and services Piksel offers facilitate management and publication of the content, user engagement and monetization. Piksel’s enhancement driven communication solutions utilizes video technology and includes-Piksel’s Digital Enterprise helps businesses in designing, managing, storing and broadcasting branded multimedia content. The Digital Church allows sharing of video to any mobile device, smart television app, and 24/7 broadcast channel and reaches a broader audience.

The firm has also designed specific products that meet specific needs of digital media. Piksel’s Hive helps content creators syndicate beyond conventional OVP platforms to an environment branded and controlled by them where they own the content and the relationship with the audience. Piksel’s EnterpriseTV is an audiovisual communication solution that broadcast, important announcements and information within the enterprise. “Piksel’s solutions help companies maximize return on their video-based assets,” Heiland points.

The leadership at Piksel visualizes a future where content creators, distributors and aggregators will utilize Piksel’s technology to deliver a more personalized experience to their users regardless of the devices in use. “The future of personalization as we see is a world in which digital life is delivered in a smart, intuitive and relevant way. Where users no longer need to switch between scores of Apps and find relevant content. But rather a single interface that adapts to the device in hand while staying reassuringly familiar across every device,” concludes Heiland.