Ooyala: Maximizing the Revenue Potential of every Digital Video Asset

Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO, OoyalaRamesh Srinivasan, CEO
A Microsoft study last year concluded that humans now hold a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish. According to the research data, it revealed since the dawn of the mobile revolution somewhere in the early 2000’s, human attention spans have dropped from 12 seconds to 8. Dwindling attention spans have led viewing audiences to migrate from the traditional mainstream media outlets to the readily accessible online mediums.

The US digital video ad revenue is expected to rise by a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 21.9 percent by 2020. But perhaps the most compelling statistic is currently 42 percent of all online viewing is done on mobile devices; meaning maintaining a successful online video strategy is now more of a necessity than a commodity for businesses.

As businesses work to commence and sustain a successful online video strategy, an Online Video Platform (OVP) can help mollify the complexities of preparing, delivering, and monetizing online video streaming content. One of the biggest players in this online video arena is Ooyala, a veteran of an impressive number of successful video players and system integration offerings that aid enterprises “unlock the revenue potential of video.” Operating as one of the world’s largest premium video and ad serving platforms, Ooyala interlaces superior analytics and personalized cloud TV solutions to enable companies remain malleable to the swift metamorphosis of viewer behaviors.

We build a complete ecosystem for management, delivery, discovery, and monetization of online video content for businesses

“Ooyala provides everything—businesses require to connect with viewers on all screens—to package, manage, publish, syndicate, measure, personalize, and monetize video,” says Ramesh Srinivasan, CEO, Ooyala. “We offer a comprehensive video solution, built for modularity to enable rapid integration of best-of-breed components from the video ecosystem.” Hundreds of global customers rely daily on the firm’s cloud-based video and advertising services to help cut costs and complexity, and build a more engaged and profitable audience base. Case in point—bjTv, a premier Japanese sports broadcaster needed to leverage a cost-effective and fluid solution by powering live streaming of over 1000 basketball games across mobile devices. With Ooyala Playback, they managed to increase their Android subscribers by more than 200 percent. Ooyala’s success in the OVP industry bears testament to its enormous value proposition which has allowed it to have global giants viz. ESPN, FOXTEL, NBC Universal, Mashable, Sky Sports, The Telegraph, etc. enriching Ooyala’s illustrious clientele.

Providing a customized experience requires a lot of information about each viewer and figuring out ways to use that to offer better experiences. Ooyala provides a central hub to sort, organize, and manage content and their corresponding metadata. Additionally, they offer web-based tools that effectively encode, transcode, and package the content. Thereafter, their custom player optimizes the content for each user’s individual bandwidth and screen size.

The platform doesn’t just manage and deliver content seamlessly; it also adapts to understand viewers and allows customization of each stream with the right content so that audiences discover what they love to watch. With the Ooyala IQ technology, it renders one of the industry’s most advanced video analytics, giving businesses a 360-degree view of video performance and audience behavior and adapts in real time across devices. “By obtaining a high level of insight metadata on each individual, we enable enterprises to supercharge their monetization using avenues such as ad-subscriptions, and pay-per-views, thus helping build a sustainable and profitable business,” concludes Srinivasan.