Nuxeo: Unlocking the True Value of Digital Assets

Eric Barroca, CEO, NuxeoEric Barroca, CEO
The digital content explosion is not only driving in new opportunities, but is also initiating new challenges. As enterprises strive to control the rising complexity, volume and diversity of digital content and its delivery channels, it is no longer adequate to ease creative processes through file-centric models that generate simplistic workflows and limit performance to departmental silos. Here, Digital Asset Management (DAM) is becoming one of the vital aspects of an organizations’ efforts to manage digital assets. “The exponential growth of digital content and complex business processes has led to an escalation in digital transformation initiatives, but questions about how to implement an appropriate solution and secure corporate assets, continue to concern most organizations,” posits Eric Barroca, CEO at Nuxeo. The NY based Nuxeo is an open source content management platform that allows developers to build, deploy and run content-centric business applications.

The Nuxeo platform has an adaptable data model that enables organizations to transform their data into valuable assets, without imposing restrictions on the type or size of complex objects. “Nuxeo Platform allows customers to realize the full value of digital assets, even if they are complex or scattered across the organization,” avers Barroca. With the integration of Elasticsearch and MongoDB, the Nuxeo Platform handles bulk imports and persistence of content, to the tune of hundreds of millions of documents.

Nuxeo Platform allows customers to realize the full value of digital assets, even if they are complex or scattered across the organization

Adding credence, the latest version Nuxeo Platform Fast Track (FT) 7.3 provides various new capabilities with built-in permission checks, better branch management and new options to store files locally or in the cloud. This platform includes Live Connect that allows the Nuxeo Platform to view files in various cloud-based applications such as Google Drive and Dropbox and share systems, as if they are a part of the local file system or the repository.

Alongside, the firm’s web-based configuration tool, Nuxeo Studio is a SaaS application that helps users with the rapid configuration of the Nuxeo Platform. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, Nuxeo Studio creates content templates with lifecycles, custom metadata, form structures, containment rules, and tab views to build business logic without writing the code.

At one instance, Electronic Arts (EA), a leader in digital interactive entertainment, approached Nuxeo with the need to fulfill the invariable requirement for new-fangled games from the registered players of EA around the world. EA was under pressure to provide their global developer teams with reliable, secure delivery of game builds in various stages of the development lifecycle. The Release and Preservation Management (RPM) team of EA developed their first Nuxeo-powered application—Shift to simplify the shifting of content around EA. “The Nuxeo Platform enabled us to build our application to manage video game builds in seven months versus an estimated 12-13 months for a solution developed in-house,” says Steve Scivally, Technical Director, RPM, at EA. This not only accelerated their time to deployment by nearly 50 percent, but also provided fast, reliable and responsive access to game builds with complete security—expediting the time-to-market for new games.

With an eye for resilient technologies, Nuxeo plans to bring in a number of new elements that include advanced analytics and machine learning applied to content and assets, computer vision, video annotations, and more connectors to cloud services and apps.