Nuxeo: A 360 Degree Approach to Knowledge Management

Eric Barroca, CEO, NuxeoEric Barroca, CEO
A quick learner of software and a recognized expert in the enterprise content management world, Eric Barroca believes in embracing a ‘knowledge sharing culture’ for continued business development. Committed to changing the way knowledge management and digital asset management needs are met, Barroca maintains a tricky balance between creativity and technology innovation by offering 360 degree solutions for all business process requirements. By enabling architects and developers to easily build, deploy, and run content-centric business applications, Barroca steers the open source content management provider— Nuxeo with immense passion and dedication. “Nuxeo’s inherent design is completely built around the services and components, inspired by the Eclipse platform—an integrated development environment (IDE),” says Eric Barroca, CEO, Nuxeo.

Being at the core of advanced content repositories for over a decade, The Nuxeo platform offers modern technologies, a powerful plug-in model and extensive packaging capabilities for document management and case management applications. With strong connectors to enterprise cloud applications and advanced search features, the platform enables users to benefit from the information that could be hidden in a myriad of information systems, applications or databases. Backed by elastic search, the firm’s search engine enables dynamic filtering on multiple facets or metadata, with complete query capabilities and security-filtered search capabilities. Configuration of elastic search enables the user’s admins to create a dynamic process to display search results based on user feedbacks, time criteria, and content analysis.

Nuxeo provides robust and scalable technologies to enterprises considering ECM as their core backbone to store, preserve, and manage information

“Nuxeo provides robust and scalable technologies to enterprises considering ECM as their core backbone to store, preserve, and manage information, allowing any authorized stakeholder to share information from pure collaborative environment to the strictest legal compliance,” Barroca explains. Started as a five-people company, Nuxeo now gathers a large dedicated team in France, U.K., and Canada.

From managing files to business information, Nuxeo’s document management platform goes beyond just storing and retrieving documents to incorporating workflows and accessing valuable information in the content. Solving the menace of legacy and unoptimized processes, their product brings users together and increases productivity by allowing them to work in secure collaborative spaces. Nuxeo platform captures multi-formatted content, leverages built-in metadata standards and navigates the repository with physical and virtual file plans.

In one instance, Serimax—an offshore and onshore welding solutions provider faced critical knowledge management challenges with keeping engineering and knowledge management data up to date and accessible, as the work environments changed. To address this hindrance, Serimax’s knowledge management application was built on Nuxeo document management platform—with an additional offline client mode. Nuxeo and Serimax worked together to fully define the feature and fast-track development to meet Serimax’s requirement. The knowledge management application triggered innovation for Serimax and protection of intellectual property with offline local data encryption, extending the notion of knowledge workers outside of the traditional office setting.

What’s next for Nuxeo? The firm’s roadmap plays a crucial role in keeping them on track with the rapid pace of development—helping them meet and exceed the customer’s expectation. Every year, the company releases a Long Term Support (LTS) version of the Nuxeo platform and a Fast Track (FT) version every two months. The two month release cycle entitles greater agility for reprioritizing features to satisfy customer requests. “What we do at Nuxeo is built with our brains and fingers. In some ways, with software, companies can start with a blank page and start from there,” concludes the CEO.