Monetize Media: Simplifying the Online Video Platform

TJ Modi, Founder & CEO, Monetize MediaTJ Modi, Founder & CEO
It was more than 10 years ago that the first video was uploaded on an Online Video Platform (OVP) and the market has been bursting at the seams with evolved choices ever since. When companies started streaming video, they used to encode their own videos, build their own players, distribute progressively or via a streaming server that they installed, and cobbled together whatever statistics and analytics they could. But in recent years, branding and customizable features have been enabled by emerging video technologies making it inevitable to optimize, protect, and monetize video streaming. This has made OVPs come up with SaaS-based solutions, allowing companies to offload their capital and day-to-day operating costs associated with player creation, server configuration, and maintenance. Despite the expected large growth, the market does face some major challenges as online video platforms are difficult to use, not remotely managed and not integrated with publishing platforms. Also, customers with no in-house expertise to create, manage, and distribute live videos need an end-to-end solution for their video management. Solving these predicaments and simplifying OVPs have been the main objectives of Monetize Media. One of the fast growing online video technology company, its white-label OVP provides an end-to-end platform of hardware, software, software and support with high-quality live streaming video and on-demand video capabilities.

Monetize Media’s video platform is loaded with features such as content management, live broadcasting, customizable dynamic player, adaptive and reliable delivery, aggregation, syndication, monetization, and analytics. “Monetize Media provides everything organizations need to publish, distribute, and most importantly-monetize your online video content,” adds TJ Modi, Founder and CEO, Monetize Media.

Monetize Media provides everything organizations need to publish, distribute, and most importantly-monetize your online video content

The firm’s live broadcasting feature is designed to allow users to livestream multiple feeds in High Definition which allows streaming without buffering issues, regardless of the type of internet connection or device.

This is due to their technology’s ability to configure play back of live videos. Delivery redundancy is managed by utilizing distributed cloud complexities with networked CDNs. The streaming media and automate content input is organized simultaneously by content management systems. Once the live streaming video has been created, Monetize Media helps the customer organizations reach the maximum audience possible by their streaming syndication features such as controlled or viral syndication and RSS. There are many revenue options available such as subscription, pay per view, and advertising for live streaming video to monetize videos. Aggregation feature is also provided by this platform which automatically aggregates videos from all of the client’s channels allowing viewers and potential customers to view what interests them the most and further increasing the end-customers.

Video analytics is another feature of Monetize Media's comprehensive analytics modules which allows their clientele to evaluate key metrics for their videos, channels, and advertising campaigns such as video popularity, viewer depth, syndication reports, revenue reports, to name a few. Flexibility of producing these reports in a user-friendly format with graphical and visual displays for on-screen and print viewing convenience is an added feature which makes their video analytics unique.

Monetize Media delivers corporate webcasts, product launch announcements, live sports events, faith-based concerts, and live concerts and many more, in many fields such as educational institutions, faith-based organizations, sports organizations, government agencies, event organizations, and also in the corporate sector. “We deliver technologically strengthened, cost-effective, and bundled OVP solutions that empower our customers to define their business rules irrespective of their field of operations,” explains Modi.

With powerfully featured OVP solutions and innovative video technologies, Monetize Media aims to maximize the Video Search Engine Optimization and aggregation of videos available on different channels in the near future which will empower their clientele even further.