MerlinOne: Providing Dedicated and Innovative DAM solutions to organizations since 1994

David Tenenbaum, CEO & Founde, merlinoneDavid Tenenbaum, CEO & Founde
Digital asset in its various forms such as photos, videos, design files is a link that enables an organization to connect with its incumbent or potential partners and customers. Organizations are tasked towards being more equipped with the resources and tools that will allow management, organization and distribution of digital assets in a way that increases the organization’s footprint over the respective industry. Quincy based MerlinOne, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution provider, for more than two decades has been building products that manage some of the largest collections of digital assets in the world, in some of the most demanding production environments.

MerlinX, the DAM solution from MerlinOne is the result of continuous innovation through their two decades of existence. MerlinX is a configurable, flexible and extensible software capable of handling a wide range of both print and multimedia file formats such as JPEG, TIFF, RAW, PDF, EPS, XML, WAV to name a few. Merlin DAM system fits into almost any IT environment which is evident from its compatibility with both Macintosh and Windows systems. The system also supports metadata standards like IPTC and XMP.

The versatility of MerlinX is complemented by MSync, a software from MerlinOne that uses intelligent replication to ensure complete redundancy of digital data between two or more hardware systems.

MerlinX is the result of continuous innovation through MerlinOne’s two decades of existence

In the event of primary server failure, MSync prompts the secondary server to take over allowing smooth and uninterrupted workflow. Once the primary server is back on line, the secondary system syncs it up, and operation returns to normal.

The services of MerlinOne are spanned depending on the structure or specific needs of the client. In a healthcare entity,the Communications department can manage and share assets with departments, business units, or outside agencies from a central library; the Foundation Marketing can quickly find photos of important donors, efficiently share projects with print agencies. For a media house, Editors can engage with fast search tools to find the right asset quickly along with quick visuals to make sure they are rights compliant; the photographers get the privilege of uploading photos and videos directly to the DAM from anywhere in the world. The metadata fields in MerlinX allow data mining for a wide range of projects. MerlinOne offers its solutions as per the client’s preference; as S-a-a-S, or as fully licensed in-house service where the solutions are integrated with the client’s hardware.

MerlinOne employs the innovative “Soundtrack Search” in its solutions that allows the users to segregate a list of audio or video digital assets by typing words used within the track. Adobe Creative Suite integration is another feature that allows access and exchange of digital data between MerlinX and Adobe applications. A company’s presence within the social media is fast becoming a mandate and is a multi-step process. Enhancements integrated within MerlinX makes it possible for a company to mark its presence across a large array of social media in a matter of few mouse clicks.
MerlinOne’s client base extends beyond commercial entities to include Government agencies and Non-Profit organizations. MerlinOne tempts its clients with extensive customer support, reliable solution and intuitive software interface. Looking to the future, the company intends to use its decades long experience to help various industries aggregate and project digital assets in a way that the data makes its impact on the target population.