MaxCDN: Crafting a New World for Faster Content Delivery

Chris Ueland, President & CEO, MaxCDNChris Ueland, President & CEO
Over the years, the concept of Content Delivery Network (CDN) has gained momentum especially in the Media and Entertainment sector which profoundly requires a CDN for its media-rich content that needs to be delivered at high speeds globally. Media and Entertainment companies today, are on the lookout for CDN solutions that can enrich the experience of their audience and boost their site traffic. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, MaxCDN, a provider of CDN, optimizes web services for media companies to fulfill their high speed demands.

The company offers solutions to a plethora of industries that include digital agencies, ad networks, gaming, publishers, mobile and hosting providers. “We provide a reliable CDN service with high peering capacity to handle any given load around the globe,” delineates Chris Ueland, President and CEO, MaxCDN. Built on MaxArchitecture, the CDN solutions integrate SSL and generate reports in real time. The MaxArchitecture comprises of three main features namely MaxPOPs, MultiPath Network, and FastStack. MaxPOPs channelizes traffic to the nearest Point of Presence (POP); MultiPath network consists of traffic shaping logic that increases speed, and FastStack running on Solid State Drives (SSDs) to boost throughput. MaxArchitecture works towards accelerating the speed and efficiency, entirely restructuring media content delivery methods.

MaxCDN’s solutions are coupled with a smart control panel— MaxControl—specially designed for the DevOps team, allowing users to monitor the way servers deliver content in real time.

We provide a reliable CDN service with high peering capacity to handle any given load around the globe

“Our complete API and GitHub integration allows users to automate every aspect of their CDN workflow,” asserts Ueland. The panel provides reporting and analytics adding a new dimension to users data to help them make informed decisions. The company offers 100 percent uptime SLA to cater to the needs of media and entertainment industry.

The company’s solutions that combine intelligent network, real time analytics, and user-friendly controls give it a unique position in the market. Additionally, MaxCDN offers proactive support round the clock to ensure higher customer success rates. “We have an in-depth analytics platform and status updates for our network that deliver trusted data required for critical decision making,” elucidates Ueland. MaxCDN’s solutions can be integrated seamlessly with a client’s existing system through a flexible configuration, which ensures glitch-free launch of new content. “With an SSD-based network, content loads lightning fast for the end user no matter what website they are on,” extols Ueland.

With a number of success stories, MaxCDN has made its mark in the CDN arena serving esteemed clients such as clickbooth, realgravity, Mobify, and Kodak. In an implementation highlight, BuySellAds, an advertising software and services company, which sells and serves billions of ad impressions every month, discharged a lot of the decision-making on ad-serving onto the client side. After using MaxCDN, all the ad-serving has been offloaded and automated. “MaxCDN takes the brunt of traffic that we need to support and we stay focused on our production servers managing the web app,” asserts Todd Garland, CEO, BuySellAds.

MaxCDN draws a picture of its bright future offering solutions to save time for media and entertainment firms and their customers by creating the best CDN experience possible though interactions that are instant and can happen anytime, anywhere on any device. The company will offer a new content delivery stack improving network performance and stability. “In addition to improving the quality of network, we have an aggressive PoP-building initiative to satisfy our digital media clients,” concludes Ueland.