Knowledge Powered Solutions: Easy-to-Use Knowledge Management Solution

Roger Haddon, Managing Director , Knowledge Powered SolutionsRoger Haddon, Managing Director
Every organization needs an intuitive platform that facilitates the orchestration of the vast information that can be captured, integrated, and stored to escalate user engagement and drive operational efficiency. To address this need, firms are deploying complete knowledge management (KM) solutions that not only help extract relevant data but also categorize meaningful insights from the unstructured knowledge base created from multiple channels like social media. “The biggest challenge in the customer service space for knowledge management is the multi-channel data influx,” says Roger Haddon, MD, Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS). KPS helps businesses to seamlessly articulate internal and external database, documents, policies, and procedures into one robust KM system in a cost-effective and secure mode. “Being a single product company, we build, provide, and sell KM solutions for intuitive customer service delivery and internal knowledge management,” asserts Haddon.

KPS’ KM software enables clients to organize existing knowledge, be that shared documents, intranets or external websites, along with content held in document management systems such as SharePoint and access it through ‘a single easy-to-use interface’ without the need to migrate or repurpose customers’ existing content collection. The company’s flagship product, Universal Knowledge encompasses all key functionalities such as capture, search, and push notification as well as a facile content editor to easily create, review, approve, publish, and re-validate relevant information. Importantly, the system comes with a comprehensive analytics suite that allows customers to easily identify knowledge gaps, content usage, and user activity.

We offer our customers the choice to deploy the solutions in a way they want to

Further, Universal Knowledge’s Natural Language Search Technology helps agents, customers, and employees to scout their issues or queries by entering daily communication phrases. The intelligent KM software contains self-learning ability to automatically generate FAQs based on the past searches that are carried out from the intranet and external users. This unique feature allows users to quickly search and obtain the right information from multiple content repositories. In addition, the solution’s push notification functionality with full-audit trails enables administrators and managers to trace user actions through ‘received and read status’, ensuring that the help desk agents and customers are updated about the trending and critical topics, and policy changes.

KPS can deploy its KM system either as an on-premise solution or a cloud solution. “We offer our customers the choice to deploy the solutions in a way they want to,” says Haddon. KPS’s KM solution can be leveraged for internal knowledge management (e.g., to share knowledge internally or access policies, procedures, and HR documentation), customer service delivery, and IT service management (ITSM) in various workflows like call or contact centers, help or service desks, web self-service, and shared service practices. In one instance, United Healthcare, single largest healthcare provider in the U.S. partnered with KPS to create, control and manage content from large repositories. KPS deployed their KM system enabling the client to author quality content in a quick and easy manner alongside gaining the ability to distribute and push relevant information to concerned staff that is at the point of need. KPS’s KM framework helped United Healthcare’s staff to find appropriate IT service delivery knowledge quickly, leading to an enhanced customer experience.

To stay relevant in the competitive climate in the current market, KPS is planning to leverage technological advancements such as ‘Gamification’ that integrates gaming elements like points, badges, and leader boards in workflows to increase user adoption and productivity. Further, KPS is set to expand its presence across the U.S., U.K., and Australia by creating strategic alliances that help strengthen its presence in these markets that are showing great growth for KPS. “Our main focus at this moment is to help our customers deliver excellent multichannel customer service via a single Knowledge Base,” concludes Haddon.