Knosys [ASX: KNO]: Transforming Businesses with Effective Knowledge Management

Ashley Gall, CEO, Knosys Ashley Gall, CEO
Today, the major challenge for any media and entertainment company is not about finding the right information, rather it’s about transforming the information into valuable insights to improve business processes and be ahead of the competitors. Effective Knowledge Management (KM) systems can gather, organize, share, and analyze information in terms of resources, documents, and people skills to help companies make well-informed and smarter decisions. Knosys [ASX: KNO], a KM solution provider, indexes and virtualizes organizations’ data to transform it into useable knowledge, without the need to disrupt existing processes.

Knosys KM platform has been crafted with variety of features for managing complex data across multiple platforms. By infusing knowledge into complex decision making processes and presenting information in a manageable form, the platform increases productivity and quality of work. Being a single source of information, it enables employees of an organization to share information, identify experts and work together using its collaboration and communication tool. Furthermore, Knosys’s workflow tools provide a user centric view of an organization’s information sources by delivering information in a context relevant to the user’s role within the organization.

The platform is designed on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) featuring an on-demand, modularized structure.

Knosys platform evolves with additional modules and integrations extending the knowledge platform and other business applications

Available in the cloud or on premise as a Software as a Service (SaaS) operating expenditure (Opex) model, the platform is flexible enough to suit all business operations. The system’s Knowledge Query Language (KwQL) search engine provides knowledge-based search across all of the organization’s systems when needed. Also, by keeping its API open for use by selected developers, Knosys enables organizations build valuable strategic business tools to drive efficiency and agility across the enterprise and partner ecosystems.

“The Knosys team is committed to an aggressive and inclusive process to expand and enhance the platform, which includes an innovative product development and roadmap planning process,” explains Ashley Gall, CEO, Knosys. Following such an ideology, the company has introduced a new version of its KM platform that incorporates expanded security features including additional authentication methods, several key feature enhancements, and various other improvements and system optimizations. The new security features include Single Sign On (SSO) functionality for enterprise applications, elimination of password reset calls, and protection against unauthorized access to business applications, for both On-Premise and On-Demand (Cloud) deployment.

Helping clients leverage the potential of knowledge as a strategic asset across the entire organization for better decision making, Knosys has acquired a strong customer base. One of their clients who had their reference material stored in various office locations in numerous systems was finding it difficult to integrate frontline information with training and quality assessment programs. Coming to their rescue, Knosys helped the client build a KM team that can successfully utilize frontline staff as subject matter experts to assist in the development of content. Going further, clients were also able to improve their business process by leveraging information available across the enterprise application.

“We plan to incorporate more modular offerings on top of the core system as the Knosys platform evolves with additional modules and integrations extending the knowledge platform and other business applications. This will provide organizations with more granularity and flexibility of solutions and licensing, including tailored industry specific packages,” concludes Gall.