KMS lighthouse: Transforming Customer Engagement into Sales

Yossi Caspi, CEO & Chairperson, KMS lighthouseYossi Caspi, CEO & Chairperson
As businesses expand and take up newer challenges with on boarding and off boarding of employees and strategies, managing knowledge plays a crucial role to better serve clients and meet changing business requirements. It is a fundamental business enabler that helps organizations to protect their intellectual capital and focus on their assets while connecting employee to employee by setting up collaborative methods. Headquartered in Maumee, OH, KMS lighthouse empowers companies with necessary knowledge that transforms companies into experts in their markets. “With the outstanding Lighthouse products which have been developed in the past years, companies can achieve higher operational excellence, through knowledge. Lighthouse creates a consistent, accurate and responsive omni-channel customer experience, enabling companies to improve their conversion rates,” says Yossi Caspi, CEO and Chairperson, KMS lighthouse.

Lighthouse products provide a seamless customer experience across all care channels—from self-service, such as the company website or social media platforms to contact centers, retail stores, and field service. The company improves productivity by offering agents on all channels with real-time and on-the-spot access to all the information they need to optimize customer service and transform customer engagement into sales. For all business units—sales, customer service, back-office, and technical support— KMS implements a go-to-market strategy and provides users with consistent and accurate answers to questions and queries in less than five seconds.

Lighthouse creates a consistent, accurate, and responsive omni-channel customer experience, enabling companies to improve their conversion rates

Additionally, Lighthouse CX provides agents CRM systems and various other contact center applications in order to improve customer engagement center performance. It transforms CRM customer service in the KM domain.

Their product seamlessly integrates with traditional CRM systems and other contact center applications, which improves customer engagement center performance as well as the customers’ service experience, while substantially reducing centers’ routine operational expenses. The company offers a knowledge database that can be accessed by its representatives while they handle the queries of their customers. They integrate with a third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Also, Lighthouse Mobile, a new mobile application, enables companies to effortlessly access knowledge in the field and at their retail stores. This product helps in reducing time closing sales and increasing revenue.

KMS’s client success stories add credence to the immense functionality and value they are bringing to the knowledge management sector. For instance, Globe Telecom, a telecommunications company was facing issues in terms of the deployment of a home-grown internal knowledge-base solution. The company provided a solution that was intended to further support its ambitious customer care goal and was available for internal and external use to. This enabled Globe to meet their high quality targets by reducing cost and improving their customer satisfaction.

“Build upon structured business knowledge, Lighthouse’s strong abilities enable companies to improve service and sales processes and cut costs and provide consistent knowledge across all channels. We also train company employees and preserve employees’ expertise,” adds Caspi. It helps in making informed decisions that help in enhancing the operational efficiency and productivity. The company has been providing its clients with knowledge that will transform its agents into experts in their markets. The company is further planning to improve its efficiency and plan a smart sales engagement with their potential customers.