Highwinds: Delivering Peerless CDN Solutions

Steve Miller, Founder & CEO, HighwindsSteve Miller, Founder & CEO
Exponential growth of global internet traffic and proliferation of large multimedia files over internet has created vast opportunities for Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions. CIOs are searching for fast and accurate CDNs providers to enhance start-to-end web performance. To address this issue, Highwinds, established in Florida since 2002, simplifies content distribution, file downloading, and media streaming across diverse regions by auto-sensing nearest available servers and enabling instant user redirection. The firm’s CDN solution facilitates required network infrastructure and services to leverage digital media consumers with rich and engaging content distribution.

Highwinds’s comprehensive suite of solutions includes content delivery, storage, analytics, and cloud-based IP services. The firm offers high performance network platform, RollingThunder which serves as a backbone to the company’s CDN solution infrastructure. RollingThunder utilizes multiple peer routes, connects each Point of Presence (PoP) and processes auto hand-offs which enables full control over the content delivery path from CDN servers to the end-user access. It minimizes hopes and provides swift throughput to deliver premium and flawless visual experience till the last mile.

Highwinds’ CDN delivers real-time and secure content along with instant purge and up-to-the second analytics. To achieve accelerated content delivery, its CDN platform strategizes routing of multimedia files, games, and software from closest geo-location across multiple nodes worldwide.
One of the company’s flagship offering, StrikeTracker consol is a unified and integrated front-end portal to manage CDN storage, security, and streaming services. StrikeTracker interacts with the network to provide real-time analytics, rapid provisioning, and self-service content management functions. Additionally, the solution’s console and open API enables its users to gain unprecedented command and control. Further, the StrikeTracker provides a common interface for operations and marketing team to evaluate details and customized reports for respective delivered data. Consol’s HTML5 based design allows access to statistics and reports on mobile phones and tablets for easy and enhanced user experience.

To resolve the delivery and streaming issues of HD media on CDN, Highwinds’ EveryStream, a customization tool for media streaming, revamps uploaded mezzanine asset and creates renditions to support and deliver them for every device and network condition regardless of time and geo-graphic location. Additionally, the CDN provider avails Industry’s one-of-a-kind, Highwinds Game Delivery Network (GDN), a fast and extensive platform to enhance game delivery performances. GDN optimizes games downloads, enhances experience at point-of-play, and facilitates recent updates and patches for the top gaming brands worldwide. Furthermore, to support online storage needs for full replication and high availability on CDN, Highwinds Cloud Storage (HCS) facilitates economical cloud of distributed storage nodes.

Highwinds’ customers are benefitted with a full-service content delivery network that enables them to address the mounting demand of global internet users for speedy delivery of online content. For instance, Hudl, provider of sports video management platform and viewing interfaces was looking for a platform to distribute their high definition videos globally. Hudl’s partnership with Highwinds, facilitated fast and consistent CDN platform to stream high quality videos on any device at any time with ultimate service and team support.

In the market that is prone to volatility and stiff competition, Highwinds differentiate themselves by having their own operating network for CDN and 24x7x365 customer service comprising of experienced technical representatives. Stever Miller, Founder and CEO of Highwinds emphasize on endless requirements for instant content delivery, fast downloads, and seamless multimedia streaming solutions which will need highly scalable and efficient CDN infrastructure. The company looks forward to take up this challenge by developing more optimized CDN solutions, innovating and adapting new technologies, and evolving their PoPs in more regions of the world.