ComAround: KCS Verified KM Framework

Per Strand, Founder & CEO, ComAroundPer Strand, Founder & CEO
Creating, articulating, and sharing the relevant content for the end users as well as agents at service desks is the focal point of every organization’s IT service delivery framework to reduce resolution time and enhance self-service delivery efficiency. Amidst the IT support organizations, today CIOs are foraging for comprehensive knowledge management (KM) solution providers delivering web-based and requirement-specific platform and services. “It is more important to set up a process where we quickly create new knowledge articles as soon as the need arises,” says Per Strand, Founder and CEO, ComAround. With over 20 years of experience in the KM realm, ComAround’s KM technology helps IT support firms to streamline and enhance customer support delivery with to-the-purpose knowledge articles at the right time. “When we create knowledge articles in a support organization, our primary goal is to successfully resolve our customers’ problems so they can quickly continue working productively.”

ComAround focuses on the key principle of “making knowledge easy to find and use.” The firm’s flagship product, ComAround Knowledge is a cloud-based knowledge-centered support (KCS) verified KM and self-service tool. “We help professional support organizations in capturing, structuring, and sharing knowledge with ComAround Knowledge,” says Strand. The tool is featured with well defined functions and structured article templates that enable customers and agents to quickly publish, edit, and import knowledge articles.

It is more important to set up a process where we quickly create new knowledge articles as soon as the need arises

Users can easily find on-the-go resolutions for their queries through intelligent search feature and dynamic indexing. The firm’s KM platform encapsulates automatic alarm function that allows administrators to find and pack the knowledge gaps with updated information. Through better KPIs and “gamification” technology, service desk agents are encouraged, motivated, and rewarded to create valuable content enabling faster service delivery for businesses. The tool automatically adapts to the mobile platforms, facilitating intuitive access to the content from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The KM system’s embedded video recording component empowers clients to capture the screens of the solution process as well as record agent’s video to make an easy-to-understand video article. In addition, the company also provides integrated library of thousands of pre-built articles for standard applications that include Windows and Mac operating system, Outlook, Office 365, Adobe, and more.

By deploying its KM solution for many customer support organizations, ComAround has been helping their clients to rapidly improve operational efficiency in a cost-effective manner. In one case, an international financial group was facing a challenge dealing with two separate KM platforms for self-service for employees and first-line support for customers which was adding to their annual costs and increasing complexity. ComAround helped the client to successfully migrate their knowledge base to ComAround Knowledge platform resulting in decreased costs and reduced on-boarding time for support staff from. It also enabled service desk to fasten the responses to the end-users.

The company aims to transform KM approach from decentralized to centralized support model by adopting various global enterprise methods, concepts and tools through reliable KCS methodology. ComAround is able to achieve the highest level of KCS verification, KCS Verified v5, for bestowing ITSM organizations to leverage its advanced knowledge management system to increase productivity. “KCS verification is extremely important for us because we firmly believe that the KCS method will change the way organizations manage knowledge, which will in turn support shift-left strategy efforts, and increase the level of automation in how support is delivered,” concludes Strand.