Cogeco Peer 1: Sophisticated CDN solutions to Enhance Customer Experience

Duncan McGregor, VP, Engineering & Operations, Cogeco Peer 1Duncan McGregor, VP, Engineering & Operations
The customer demand for an increasingly immersive experience is fueling the need for media and entertainment companies to explore ways that improve and fasten their content delivery to reach a global online audience. The media and entertainment industry is confronting the challenge of enabling access to any content, on any device, to any place while delivering enhanced contextual experiences enabled through the integration of big data analytics with high performance computing platforms.

The industry also faces the difficulty of managing network complexities to deliver flawless content consumption experiences. In this context, Content Delivery Network (CDN) enables the fulfillment of omni channel end user demand for high definition content, anywhere, at any time, on any device. “We enable the best possible high definition content experiences through self-optimizing algorithms that dynamically re-locate content assets closest to the point of consumption,” states Duncan McGregor, Vice President, Engineering and Operations, Cogeco Peer 1.

With a vast array of content distribution hubs strategically placed around the world, the Ontario-based company hosts, manages, and protects the most critical IT assets of start-up businesses as well as Fortune 100 companies. The company also delivers a highly resilient and robust suite of security solutions designed to secure critical data assets including DDoS Shield, Application and Network Firewalls, Compliance and Venerability scanning, and log monitoring.

We enable the best possible high definition content experiences through self-optimizing algorithms that dynamically re-locate content assets closest to the point of consumption

“Data has effectively become the currency of the modern, connected, global economy, our role is to enable the securing of these critical data assets,” says McGregor. “Cogeco Peer 1 takes a modular approach, providing a suite of powerful building blocks to protect your data, whether in transit, at rest or during content consumption.”

Cogeco Peer 1 is not only a mere technology supplier but also a partner who works with its clients to understand their business environment and deliver ideal and complete solutions. With global data centers, to operating and managing its own lightening speed, low latency backbone, cloud, hosting, security and managed IT services, the company provides an integrated solution beyond the CDN. Alongside delivering an immersive customer experience, the firm ensures zero downtime for their customer’s online businesses, which results in a competitive edge for clients.

Cogeco Peer 1 powers the network infrastructure to provide speedy content delivery for its clients, delivering a global service with available local facilities. For instance, Shazam, a mobile application provider for music discovery required the right infrastructure and support to deliver the best mobile media application experience. With more than 100 million active users and a growing customer base, the client was in need of a suitable technology that would enable it to scale dynamically and cost-effectively. After deploying Cogeco Peer 1’s Managed Hosting Solution, the partnership gave Shazam infinite potential to rapidly scale its technology when its application usage increased, and while deploying new value-added services. “With Cogeco Peer 1’s flexibility, vision, and focus on proactive service, I believe we will retain our leadership position in this market for many years to come,” states Charles Henrich, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Shazam.

The firm’s fast pace of innovation allows media and entertainment companies to do away with costly upgrades, while ensuring they stay ahead of the latest trends. “As a dedicated provider, we’ll never stop innovating to optimize user experience,” concludes McGregor.