CDNetworks: Accelerating Secure and High-performing Content Delivery

Jongchan Kim, CEO , CDNetworksJongchan Kim, CEO
The Media and Entertainment (M&E) landscape is entering an era where end-users worldwide demand increasingly engaging experiences. To cater to this requirement, M&E companies are struggling to maintain fast video streaming speeds that help optimize the viewer experience. In order to continue improving methods of high-speed content delivery to a global audience, most organizations consider content delivery network (CDN) solutions that are efficient and cost effective. Campbell-based CDNetworks accelerates the delivery of media and entertainment content across a broad spectrum, from full-featured video streaming to in-stream ads. Positioning itself as a multinational provider of content delivery services for offering internet content and applications, the firm’s CDN streaming solution accelerates dynamic media files to a global audience.

Their CDN solutions proffer the fastest delivery of HTTP streaming and related media files anywhere in the world, including the internet’s most challenging markets. Moreover, the company’s web performance suite brings value to every step of the streaming media delivery process, including the benefits of massive scalability, high performance, seamless reliability, advanced reporting and analytics. When it comes to high performance, CDNetworks’s SMART Caching technology and global network footprint automatically determines the most efficient delivery path, reducing delivery costs while providing an unparalleled end-user experience.

Additionally, CDNetworks’s cloud load balancer service provides the flexibility to handle the content delivery strategy.

Our CDN solutions proffer the fastest delivery of HTTP streaming and related media files anywhere in the world, including the internet’s most challenging markets

Users can specify content delivery policies based on real-time conditions and end-user targets, which empower users to react to market-specific conditions while never compromising on the viewing experience, availability, and operational efficiency. CDNetworks also offers a managed cloud-based authoritative global DNS service that is always available, secure, and scalable at the highest performance levels.

With a fully integrated cloud security, DDoS protection, and web application firewall, the firm’s mission is to transform the internet into a secure, reliable, scalable and high-performing application delivery network. The company accelerates over 40,000 websites and cloud services over a network of 200 global PoPs in established and emerging markets. Apart from media and entertainment, CDNetworks has been serving enterprise customers since 15 years across industries such as gaming, finance, ecommerce, high tech and manufacturing. The—a satirical news site—experienced significant and highly unpredictable downtime periods, when the fast growth of subscribers and site visits began to strain. To shore up its website content delivery infrastructure, the customer loyalty, and ad delivery—it had worked so hard to build—The Onion began using CDNetworks and experienced 100 percent website uptime and 50 percent performance gains. This also included average page down time of 75 milliseconds. “Being fast and reliable is critical, and CDNetworks helps us predictably deliver more than 30 million page views per month, which in turn allows us to increase our revenue for advertising,” says Michael Greener, VP of Product, The Onion.

For the road ahead, CDNetworks plans to consolidate its foothold in the Asian CDN market. The company is targeting marketing-leader status by extending its business into the Southeast Asian market with a view to enhancing its global presence. The firm’s latest phase of expansion has seen them set up a new branch in Singapore—that further cements their ambitions to gain valuable market share in the fast growing Asia-Pacific region. “Success oversees has made us who we are today. This experience will enable us to take the next step on our growth journey,” says Jongchan Kim, CEO, CDNetworks.