Cantemo: A Comprehensive Media Management Portal

Parham Azimi, CEO & Co-Founder, CantemoParham Azimi, CEO & Co-Founder
In 2016, video traffic, in all its forms will account for approximately 86 percent of all consumer internet traffic. This report by Cisco, portrays the rapidly snowballing market for video consumption. From broadcasters, ad agencies to post-production houses, video is widely used for communicating and connecting with the marketplace With that a corresponding need has risen for managing media asset across many different verticals. Innovation remains a driving factor in video consumption, distribution, creation, advertising, video analytics and discovery. “When this innovation is happening, there is a need for an underlying foundation of asset management and that is the layer we are targeting,” establishes Parham Azimi, CEO and Co-Founder, Cantemo.

Market trends in media asset management are easing up the generic hassles and responsibilities of creating and managing the IT infrastructure for customers managing media. Contrived in 2010, the Stockholm-based firm devised a product that solved these generic data management problems across all boards. Founders of Cantemo identified the fundamental media management problem, and while resolving that, they realized the need for adaptability and customization. “Cloud is the obvious winner and Cantemo provides exactly that,” extols Azimi.

Cantemo strikes out as a holistic solution allowing comprehensive integration around the core product, enabling third-parties to provide extended capabilities. The solution caters to fundamental media asset management problems pertaining to ingesting, transcoding, metadata management, storage management, and finally distribution and archiving methods, and works perfectly well has an out-of-the box solution for many clients.

We don’t do video advertising or multi-channel distribution, but we provide media-houses a platform that enables them to be innovative in their video workflows

For others with a very specific set of needs, the integration layer is an extensive, documented tool-set that allows apps to be built over the core for a customized end-product. It has a display of three variants apps built by Cantemo, their ecosystem of certified and trained third-party partners, and customers powered by Cantemo’s workflow engine. The media asset management solution provider drives innovation in video creation, analytics, and discovery, In turn providing a platform for customers further instigating their innovation. “We don’t do video advertising or multi-channel distribution, but we provide media houses a platform that enables them to be innovative in their video workflows,” states Azimi.

Guardian, the second largest news website, had media assets that were outrunning capacity. Although they used Amazon Glacier for archiving purposes, there was a lack of a robust on-premise asset management tool. Cantemo addressed this issue by setting-up a local, on-premise enterprise installation Cantemo Portal where all the production workflow was maintained, collaborated, and then archived into Amazon Glacier. A reported 350 daily users of Portal ensure efficient media asset management that brought about smoother transactions.

Cantemo’s viewpoint of welcoming competition, deeming it the driving factor to strive to be a step ahead of others. They delineate from other players by eliminating vendor dependency from a customer’s perspective, Cantemo provides autonomy to its customers. Secondly, their tagline ‘start small think big scale fast’ enables start-ups to indigenously extend Cantemo’s solutions to larger enterprise solution over time. Thirdly, the solution’s ease-of-use through a simple, intuitive interface is highly valued by customers.

At Cantemo, the short-term and long-term plans are to accelerate investments in the cloud scenery. There are many solutions out there that claim to be a true-cloud solution, but in reality a true-cloud solution is one which facilitates dynamic bi-directional transaction between the cloud and on-premise systems and fully takes advantage of the auto scaling and elasticity. “We see the need of the cloud becoming more and more over the years and Cantemo is marching swiftly in the direction of a true-cloud solution,” assures Azimi.