ArborSys Group: Sustaining Intellectual Asset

Becky Bongiovi, Practice Director-Knowledge Management, ArborSys GroupBecky Bongiovi, Practice Director-Knowledge Management
As digital information grows so does the challenges to capture and utilize corporate knowledge. Companies are now shifting their traditional content management processes to advanced knowledge management strategy to produce real-time and customized content for seamless and integral business operations. ArborSys Group, a business consulting and technology integration services firm, specializes on providing knowledge management solution and assists organizations in producing customized content on demand for an ever-growing assortment of formats and delivery channels, while reducing costs and improving time to market. “With a particular focus on empowering a knowledge worker, ArborSys applies tools and methodologies to identify, analyze, and share information. We each have the power to change things and have a positive impact on the world.” says Becky Bongiovi, Practice Director-Knowledge Management, ArborSys.

ArborSys knowledge management solution is an integral component to build and sustain firm’s intellectual asset. The intellectual assets may include a base documents, policies, procedures as well as previously unarticulated expertise and experience resident in individual workers. Most often, generating value from such assets involves not only in capturing and utilizing the corporate knowledge but also sharing that information among employees, departments, and even with other companies.
To prevent organization’s intellectual assets from decay, ArborSys’s strategic roadmap development analyses the current business initiatives and infrastructure and guides them in developing a technical roadmap in required areas of the publishing lifecycle.

By leveraging industry’s standard Document Type Declaration (DTD) and schemas definition, ArborSys’s XML Content Schema Design and Development solutions help clients to develop XML for encoding documents in a format, which is both human and machine readable. Clients can achieve an improved control of their intellectual property by archiving these customized documents through ArborSys’s archival solutions. It also improves efficiencies in repurposing existing assets for customized editions, future revisions, or reuse for new products.

Based on the existing needs, ArborSys’s Custom Authoring and Publishing Solutions deploy industry’s off-the-shelf products such as XML editors, content management tools, and design tools to target outputs– print or BYOD web. Integrating the digital asset library with authoring solutions, the company fulfills the development of customized or new products. Optimal product delivery is ensured by ArborSys’s off-shore capabilities and EMC’s Documentum (enterprise content management platform) to accelerate the strategic value and impact of information throughout the enterprise.

ArborSys partners with the leading organizations and companies to provide customized knowledge management complements for their clients by maintaining the appropriate technical and organizational infrastructure. For one such instance, a leading publishing company’s legacy Lotus Notes application, which critically manages their enterprise contracts management processes, was obsolete and expensive to maintain and lacked the extensibility to meet their business needs. Upon approaching ArborSys to replace their application with a newer, state-of-the-art contracts management solution, they were able to establish standardized processes, lifecycles, and workflows for the system, and all the content was successfully migrated to the EMC Documentum, which was used as the content management repository thereby significantly reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Taking a business-centric approach, the company’s solutions offer the next generation of the information workplace, addressing all facets of the business. Moving forward, the company aims to deliver qualified resources and business value to its clients and also continues to assist them in their business needs and future strategic initiatives