Aframe: A Gateway to Robust Video Transmission

David Peto, Founder & CEO, AframeDavid Peto, Founder & CEO
With emerging trends in the accessibility of the internet, online video portals have become the place-to-go for information seekers and propagators—anything from casual entertainment to news-on-the-go. Harnessing the power of the web, these video hosting sites have gone to witness a collective 23.3 percent increase in the daily consumption of video and a predicted 43.1 percent in 2016, according to a study by ZenithOptimedia, the global media network. Businesses have come to realize that video marketing hones brands to standout from the blandness of text-based marketing that struggles for attention. However, many still consider video marketing, a compilation of overwhelming tasks—from having to channel the density of incoming videos to handling their storage, format transcoding to broadcasting—and dread on embracing the potentials of online video. Envisioning a cloud-based video platform that can handle huge volumes and multiple formats of video led to the conception of Aframe. “We focus on helping our clients manage the complexities of the video workflow—finding, sharing, and reviewing media faster and economically despite geographical barriers,” indicates David Peto, Founder and CEO, Aframe.

The solutions are delivered directly as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), enabling users to work on media that is hosted on the cloud, through secure and authenticated online accounts, eliminating the hassles of on-premise deployment. The Westford, MA based vendor assures global access to media content, which at the same time meets high standards of security that earned its Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) accreditation.

Aframe handles unlimited file sizes and has uploaded files as large as 500 GB

Delivering high-resolution videos that span through multiple formats, the Aframe software promotes rapid improvement in workflow efficiency, productivity, business agility, content usage, returns and revenue. With interactive dashboards, the software offers accelerated file transfer, multi-format transcoding, supports metadata content, dynamic search, secure sharing, online collaboration, and review and approval of content. For example, a reporter can share videos captured on his mobile, almost instantaneously from any geographical region to the broadcast station, which can be transcoded to the desired format and standards, and archived in the cloud for later or immediate use.

With a prominent clientele of media giants—from UNICEF, BBC Worldwide, TV2, Arsenal Media and Nine Networks to name a few—Aframe has an accolade of success stories. On one instance, Peto cites the case study of FOX Sports—a leading sports news-broadcasting agency—as an example of Aframe’s proficiency. The broadcasting company faced challenges in video ingestion that included a diversified range of video formats contributed by professionals, prosumers and consumers alike. FOX Networks considered Aframe’s ability to reinforce multi-format ingestion and automatic transcoding of media uploaded from disparate locations to fit the bill. Meeting the project’s tight timeline, Aframe enabled FOX Sports to facilitate rapid media transfers, automatic transcoding for immediate viewing.

Delineating from peer vendors, “Aframe handles unlimited file sizes and has uploaded files as large as 500 GB,” extols Peto. “Aframe saves time and money in getting content from around the world and on-air with improved efficiency,” adds Peto. Denoting its coinage, Aframe—which in engineering jargon, is a simple structure with a light and efficient design that bears loads in a stable and economic manner—is designed in a similar fashion—efficient and robust.

An ardent lover of technology and an inquisitive learner, Peto advocates video technology vendors to discover more along the lines of innovation. With this, Aframe seamlessly rolls two major product releases out to its customers every year with suggested features by customers and partners slated for inclusion in the roadmap of the product line.