Acquire Media: Intelligently Delivering Text News and Multimedia

Bradley J. Scher, CEO, Acquire MediaBradley J. Scher, CEO
The entertainment and media industry has been witnessing an upsurge in Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) due to global media and the rising number of netizens. The wide scope of CDNs has led to a massive demand for over-the-top (OTT) content via latest news feeds, updates, and analysis. “In such a scenario, we work towards delivering important, relevant, accurate, and reliable content,” says Bradley J. Scher, CEO, Acquire Media. Adding value and specificity in the content delivery arena is Acquire Media, a digital content provider serving information and investment professionals in corporations and financial services through news aggregation, value addition, and real-time content distribution. “We deliver the business relevant information through web, mobile, feed deliveries and specialize in content categorization and distribution to ensure users receive only the information they require.”, Acquire Media’s flagship product, has been catering to the information needs of corporate professionals for over 25 years. rapidly reviews relevant real-time news and provides users sophisticated tools to pinpoint the information they need. Redistribution options such as alerting, RSS, web integration and publishing allow these information pros to communicate the content that matters most.

Financially focused NewsEdge v8 is a news management and delivery product that takes real-time news filtering to the next level by enhancing the effectiveness of news alerts and incorporating online sources of news.

We analyze and categorize data to add value through our tagging to deliver relevant news as it happens

The enhancements include flexible alert definitions, predefined web links, trusted financial content, and customizable desktop workspaces.

Most importantly to the CDN space, Acquire media’s Syndication Suite is a state-of-the-art, real-time content syndication and distribution platform. This product allows digital content publishers and news providers to focus on the quality of their editorial product while it handles all the operational aspects of the electronic content management and delivery. No matter what type of digital media is being published, Syndication Suite can handle it: text, images, audio, video, and more. It also supplies features such as simultaneous delivery to multiple destinations, real-time format transformation by destination, ability to create flexible content micro-channels mixing and matching multiple content sources, normalized metadata across content sources, and comprehensive delivery reporting and monitoring.

At the highest level, Acquire Media’s Syndication Suite ingests content in any format, normalizes it as to the format and metadata using a real-time categorization and normalization engine. From there, administrators can use a simple web interface to create feeds for their customers using such query items as metadata, sources selection, and natural language. The selected content is then delivered in real-time via any number of delivery protocols such as FTP, email, RSS, or Acquire Media Protocol Suite (AMPS)— Acquire Media’s reliable, point-to-point, guaranteed delivery transmission protocol. “We categorize the data and markup the text with people, places, companies, money, and many more,” says Scher. Syndication Suite allows the content providers to mix and match various content so they can create packages and bundles that can be distributed to the corporations and financial services. In one such instance, the Press Association of UK approached Acquire Media to enhance their CDN in order to deliver content to newspapers in the UK. Syndication Suite helped the PA with timely content delivery in a cost effective manner and as per the workflows of the different newspapers.

Moving forward, Acquire Media is planning to expand geographically in order to widen its global footprint. “We see simple content curation and reliable content distribution as worldwide needs, so we hope to expand to content providers everywhere. This is how we can facilitate the footprint of CDNs,” concludes Scher.