Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, July 30,2020

Feature of the Week

Embracing the latest tech solutions allows businesses to thrive, but CIOs should continue to use innovative approaches to tackle cybersecurity woes.  Read more
With a never-ending supply of entertainment available, it has become challenging to get bored on the internet  Read more
Online entertainment is ever evolving, taking newer turns into deeper innovation  Read more


By Jason Stump, VP-IT, CIO, Affinity Gaming  
By now, most of us, even as consumers have become familiar with the all-too-common process of checking out at any one of our favorite retailers not knowing whether to swipe or insert our credit cards into a chip reader. Why all the confusion?  Read more
By Walter Yosafat, SVP & Global CIO, Wyndham Worldwide [NYSE:WYN]  
Today, the role of a CIO has greatly evolved, where the CIO is no longer confined to mastering technology, but is expected to be a true business leader.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Kedar Ingale, CEO & Co-founder  
Provides user-friendly video content solutions for Smart TV OEMs and content publishers to serve the novice users  Read more
By Ron Yekutiel, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder  
Provider of a broad set of video products and capabilities to customers across all industries  Read more
By Kumar Subramanian, CEO  
Offers content-aware streaming technology for multi-screen and OTT video services while minimizing operational costs  Read more

CXO Insights

By Jeroen Depraetere, EBU Head of Television, European Broadcasting Union-Eurovision  
One way to find additional funding has been to approach international programme distributors, e.g.,...  Read more
By Denise Parkinson, Entertainment Director Global and UK, The Telegraph  
Much work still to be done in educating the consumer as they may have just handed their credit card...  Read more