Why Target Operating Models Have Become a Must-Adopt For Media Companies

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, July 10, 2020

Why Target Operating Models Have Become a Must-Adopt For Media Companies

Media professionals are approaching target-operating models to streamline customized media service delivery.   

FREMONT, CA: In the customer-driven market, media and entertainment professionals are focusing on adopting target-operating models for their businesses. As the media industry is changing quickly, and the emerging technologies are highly influencing the demands of customers, it has become necessary for the companies to improve customer relevance to achieve revenue growth rapidly. According to an article by Cognizant, media companies tend to adopt innovative business models that hold the potential to boost media operations like distributing content, changing content format according to the viewing devices, streamlining communication abilities, and more.      

Today media companies need to focus on several factors for achieving customer satisfaction, such as changing customer demands, dramatic shifts in the media landscape, and aging production technology. Deploying a target-operating model across media companies can help the professionals execute a new strategy and test its performance with the customer, incorporate feedback, and continuous improvement and iteration. The target-operating model provides a view of a streamlined, structured output framework and helps the media companies to deliver customer-driven products and services.

A standard target operating business model can allow the media companies to identify the required skills and capabilities according to the geographical location for delivering services. It can also help the media professionals underpin the financial model, develop capable technology architecture, and support the data governance framework. The advanced business models, target-operating business models, deliver all-around solutions to standardize media company operations while enabling them to provide accessible, relevant results, and insights to help their customers and viewers take information-based decisions.   

The tech-based target-operating business model contributes to prioritizing media companies' business goals and let them focus on achieving long-term success across the global market. With the benefits like clarity in business aims, segmented customer types, and delivery of highly relevant search results and recommendations, make it essential for media professionals to deploy target-operating models across their businesses.

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