Why Recommendation Engines are Important for OTT Platforms

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Recommendation engines for OTT platforms are critical for matching the changing needs of a larger audience with high-quality and consistent content.

FREMONT, CA: Binge-watching has become the current trend among internet users who have been subjected to lockdown. The shift in consumer behavior is exciting and demanding for OTT (Over-the-Top) media services, which must now meet rising demand with high-quality content.

Coordinating the preferences of numerous people across geographies necessitates data-driven capabilities and AI. The OTT platform recommendation engines serve as an adaptive content distribution and analytics system that boosts engagement.

Why Are Recommendation Engines Essential for OTT Platforms?

The demand for OTT and VOD (Video on Demand) services is growing, as numerous people are using them. The expansion of the internet's reach to increasingly remote parts of the globe contribute to OTT's large client base. Recommendation engines for OTT platforms are critical for matching the changing requirements of a larger audience with high-quality, consistent content.

The goal of using recommendations to fuel OTT services is to customize the online streaming experience for each viewer. With several customers wanting to revisit renowned shows regularly, personalization boosts site stickiness and promotes customer loyalty.

Importance of AI-driven Recommendation Engines for OTT Platforms

Any recommendation system relies heavily on data. On the other hand, human capacities are insufficient to make sense of the data explosion brought on by the information era. Organizations may now examine and derive useful information from large datasets due to artificial intelligence services.

Some efficient machine learning techniques used to construct OTT recommendation systems include linear regression, information retrieval, and personal video ranker. These algorithms use different user data to influence the results, ranging from demographic to film-related to personalized recommendations.

Other AI features that contribute to the success of recommendation engines for OTT platforms, in addition to personalization:


The most profitable yet challenging component is a rising client base, requiring reliable software design and scalability techniques. The use of collaborative filtering and matrix factorization technologies allows OTT recommendations to scale from numerous clients with ease.

Big Data Management

Businesses are increasingly adopting AI due to the significant decrease in the price of computational power throughout on-premise and cloud solutions. To install recommendation systems, powerful tools are effective. They allow OTT companies to gather and analyze multidimensional data from social media, review and opinion pages, feedback portals, and other sources.

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