Why is Gaming Industry Shifting to Cloud-Based Streaming?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Cloud-based streaming services are transforming gaming by delivering advanced capabilities to both the gamers and service providers.    

FREMONT, CA: The gaming industry is exploding with numerous services and facilities offered by different technological platforms. In recent years, game streaming services have become extremely popular by attracting billions of gamers around the world. Gaming as a Service, the cloud-based gaming, allows players to participate and play together in the common online game from different remote locations with the robust communication facilities. Currently, tech companies are contributing innovative solutions to transform the way video games are played, distributed, and sold in the global market. 

Taking over the traditional gaming ways such as sliding the disc into the game console or downloading files onto a drive, the cloud game streaming services do not require a box or hardware to run. The cloud game providers manage the game console in the cloud with advanced capabilities to handle multi-players and can be accessible on phones, and laptops or PCs with a regular browser. Like the online video streaming platform, the cloud-based game streaming portals offer various features and options with subscription variations.

The cloud-based game console directly connects with the data centre to stream games on the devices, with seamless speed and great experience satisfactions. Aiming directly at streamers, online hosts or live gamers, the high-powered cloud gaming platforms frame the definition of complete portability. The new gaming technique brings benefits of playing the latest game regardless of any screen, right from phones, laptops, tablets, to TVs, even if the device is old and weak. A gamer can dedicate gaming without building, buying, or carrying specific game sets or tools, which also eliminates the need for downloads or updates regularly.    

The online facility can majorly solve game piracy issues, and help in getting rightful credits and benefits to real developers of the games. The promising service provides easy and quick access to newly launched games, which can be tried on a simple web browser window. The shorter loading time, with high fidelity graphics improvements, offers next-generation experiences to the gamer. The cloud-centric service works with a massive network of data centers, software layers and programming expertise.

The cloud game streaming services prove to be an exciting platform for game developers, as the platform overcomes the perceived limitations of hardware or specific software-focused gaming. The ability to reach different screens lets the providers collect data from a wide range of users in order to improve the platform’s features and facilities accordingly. The browser organizations are working to include the open-source applications in the existing interactive tools. Cloud creates a global infrastructure of data centers to ensure servers to be close to the players around the world. The platform carries the ability to embrace full cross-platform play, where developers can enable cross-platform multiplayer, and game saves and progression. Game developers can avail the facility to apply their own designs and styles to the display. The advanced style transfer features allow developers to simply upload an image to the frames and mimic the style throughout the game. The platform also allows the players to share a particular part of the game or moment through an exact link.

The current marketplace for gaming is intensely populated by various gaming platforms with proprietary technologies. Where some gaming streamlines are free to access, others require subscription depending on the player’s choices. Cloud-based game streamline services are moving forward to dominate the market while displaying the high potential in revenue growth over the coming period. The platform gains popularity due to its wide range of benefits offered to the users such as enabling game-play from the remote locations, linked to personal devices with persistent internet connections, and on-demand access to supercomputer-level. 

The growth of cloud computing and the rise in its adoption level by different service providers boost the scale of its gaming business in the global market. The giant game providers collaborate with various platforms to build a complete future game service with unique features and broad accessibility. The subscription-based model offers cost advantages over the commission-based model. The cloud streaming can potentially reduce distribution costs and increase margins in exchange for higher spending on content, marketing, and gaming support. The platform can cause rapid growth of the industry through a single game console. The cloud portal provides developers with a secure channel to inject fresh supply of games without customizing the game for platform compatibility. With the subscription-based model, anyone can play the big-budget game with the available device, which can significantly expand the addressable market for the games.

The cloud game streaming service opens new opportunities for gamers to gain recognition in the industry. The rise of games as a service-based model gives way to further monetization of the developers' work without raising the price base. The innovative service can completely change the history of gaming, allowing rapid entry to PC-level gamers and audiences. The gaming market is yet to explore big hits in the sales and business growth, encouraging the market professionals of the industry to explore and adopt new technologies.