Why Firms Should Embrace Cloud DVR Platform?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

Cloud digital video recorder solution is a breakthrough for video service providers, which helps them deliver video streaming service at significantly reduced costs. 

FERMONT, CA: Traditional methods of video recording have stagnated over the years. Now more than ever, engaging in a video recording solution that strengthens overall business and eliminates the pain caused by conventional legacy systems is essential for media and entertainment companies. For that, several companies are moving Digital Video Recorders (DVR) focused on the cloud. DVRs are a closed-circuit system that can be accessed with the help of a hard drive on a computer. Envivio, a software-based video processing solution provider, is offering this DVR solution.

Envio’s DVR offers groundbreaking video streaming density at a significantly lower cost. Designed for multi-screen applications, the platform provides video service providers with flexibility and cost-effectiveness to monetize content across all consumer devices, with features such as network time-shifting, Start-over TV, Catch-up TV, and Personal Video Recorders (nPVR) network, all in one virtual software solution. 

DVR is known for its ability to decode more than 150,000 audio and live video streams around the world each year. The platform uses the latest transcoding and packaging compression standards that, at each step, occupy reduced storage space. The key benefits the platform offers include ultra-fast, just-in-time transcoding, packaging can increase space efficiency by a factor of 26, processing abilities, and energy savings. Few companies are launching a groundbreaking Intel technology-based innovation that will allow faster adoption and new revenue opportunities.

Experts strongly believe that switching to a Cloud DVR will eliminate most problems in video streaming and improve overall video security. Cloud implementation flexibility opens up the possibility of increasing acceptance, allowing new marketing models, and possibly saving money on storage costs.