Which is a Better Option- CDN or eCDN?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, December 09, 2019

Understanding the distinctions between CDN and eCDN forms the first step towards better delivery of streaming content.

FREMONT, CA: Assessing technologies before adopting them allows enterprises to get the best out of their investments. With video streaming gaining extensive popularity, media and entertainment firms are looking to optimize capabilities with Content Delivery Network (CDN). In doing so, companies often come across alternatives like eCDN. It is necessary for companies to realize how CDN and eCDN vary. The differences, in turn, can help companies determine which alternative serves their purpose the best.

Functionally, both CDN and eCDN are the same; they allow seamless delivery of online content to the viewers. Through a network of servers and data centers spread across vast regions, both CDN and eCDN allow cached content to be accessed, resulting in high-speed downloads and smooth streaming. However, the two alternatives vary when it comes to ownership, cost, and scalability. CDNs are commercially owned while eCDNs are privately owned. CDN service providers extend their facilities and infrastructure to content producers. On the other hand, enterprises which want their own infrastructure in place, go for eCDN, or Enterprise CDN.

Coming to the cost, companies that opt for CDN have to pay a periodic fee. With the subscription fees, content producers are allowed to use the commercially-owned CDNs. Users don’t have to worry about maintenance or any overhead charges. On the other hand, eCDN is a big investment. Companies have to develop it and operate it. Given that eCDNs are privately owned and limited in capacity, scaling them up can pose certain difficulties. In that vein, it is easier to scale up operations with CDN due to its commercial capacity.

These comparisons make it apparent that CDNs are more flexible and affordable, while eCDNs are more secure. Thus, companies that prioritize security and ownership can opt for eCDN. For companies that want to deliver online content to an external audience, CDN is the preferable option.