What Multi-Camera Live Streaming Brings With it

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 08, 2020

What Multi-Camera Live Streaming Brings With it

Limited crew size is not to be a deterrent to multi-camera live streaming as broadcasting and equipment considerations evolve.

FREMONT, CA: A one-person crew handling a multi-camera live stream might sound like a far-fetched idea, but it is not. In the era of streaming, advancements are pouring in and changing the dynamics of live broadcasts. What used to be the domain of big media companies is now witnessing the entry of smaller companies and even individuals. Streaming capabilities have seen an unprecedented rise, thanks to the increasing affordability of equipment and easy access to expertise. In the process, multi-camera live streaming has also evolved, becoming more and more feasible for smaller companies with lesser resources.

Some of the basic requirements that should be considered in setting up multi-camera live-streaming with less number of personnel available include high-definition shooting capabilities, portability of setup, and efficient controls. When it comes to shooting components, cameras, switchers, and encoders become crucial. Professional cameras with tripods are indispensable for high-quality live streams. Besides, both hardware and software switcher solutions can come in handy while enabling seamless switching between multiple cameras during streaming. Today, all-in-one streaming solutions offer advanced switching capabilities that are suitable for multi-camera streams being handles by smaller crews.

When it comes to audio, the systems have mostly been the same. However, solutions now allow sound to be embedded into the video, enabling highly effective sync between video and audio components. Thereafter, encoder software solutions come into play and allow a host of low-cost encoding options. By integrating all of these capabilities as far as possible, it is possible to create a compact yet comprehensive multi-camera streaming unit that can be handled effortlessly even by a single crew member.

With equipment sizes shrinking, software sophistication increasing, and cameras becoming more powerful, multi-camera live streaming is attaining new levels of optimization. Even for smaller enterprises, professional-quality streaming is today the reality, thanks to the advances that have transformed multi-camera capabilities.

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