What Mixed Reality has to Offer the Entertainment Sector?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 07, 2019

What Mixed Reality has to Offer the Entertainment Sector?

A mixed reality that allows users to fully immerse themselves in the amusement world, is the next big thing for the entertainment industry.

FERMONT, CA: Mixed reality holds a lot for the entertainment industry. Mixed reality, with massive technological support, a stimulating environment, and graphics, is sure to bring about a transformation. Here's how.   

Immersive Technology in Cinemas

If there is a new technology out in the market, cinema is the first one to try it out. Cinemas always create an immersive atmosphere with the help of reality technologies, wanting the audience to get engrossed. The first such instance could be the advent of 3D movies.

Stimulation Tech at Amusement Parks 

For people who love to escape from reality, amusement parks are another treat. They work with stimulation technology to improve the experience and create rooms for visitors to stimulate. In addition to wearing the visible head-mounted displays, they also provide HD monitors, excellent sound system, and motorized seats to facilitate the adventure. Virtual reality-driven rides can enhance the experience of riding and offer a real sense of speed and wind gusts.

AR Television

From HD to 3D and 5k resolution TV sets, manufacturers are continually striving to introduce a lot of customer-friendly things. The possibilities are fascinating and could involve completely new capabilities for narrating. Users can experience their favorite shows from every angle and react to anything on the screen that is happening.

The entertainment industry continues to embrace new technologies to help bring more customers on board.  

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