What Makes Iot Solutions An Inevitable Part Of Film Sets?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, July 04, 2022

Movie-making business is highly impacted by innovations. IoT implementation in the production set has organized the filmmaking process effortlessly.

FREMONT, CA: Films have long influenced our lives through their enigmatic performances that stay in our thoughts forever. However, many production sets use far more digital technologies than required in the background.

Here are reasons for films to adopt IoT wearable and solutions to enhance cinema technology.

Finding crew and equipment made easier: Equipment for movies is costly. However, a lot of stuff goes missing. Production managers can use asset tracking to ensure that all film equipment and assets are kept on the set, in the proper locations, and never moved without permission. Additionally, wearables simplify tracking the touchpoints of cast members and performers, providing far more precise and focused visibility alerts than traditional tracking could ever provide. The cost difference between separating one or two individuals and a complete "pod" could be highly expensive.

Eliminate distractions with haptic alerts: It gives performers and extras a subtle wrist vibration to let them know when it's their turn to enter the set. Intelligent IoT wearables can be set up to send out triggered warnings at predetermined intervals or at specific locations.

Support the production of metadata-rich media through IoT sensing: On movie sets and in production facilities, integrated pervasive IoT sensor technology can generate situationally, context-rich metadata.

Manage access: Production setups can automatically allow as well as prohibit permission to prohibited regions from a single central console, replacing card machines and complicated credentials. Individuals are able to open whatever doors they require with just a snap of the fingers. Access control becomes effortless and effective as there is no requirement to hold a key card to program its access credentials.

Track time and attendance:

It's no longer necessary to physically monitor attendance, administer sick leave, or handle additional expenditures using spreadsheets and HR software platforms. Production managers can monitor cast and crew time and attendance from a single straightforward dashboard thanks to clever IoT wristbands.

Regardless of the difficulties, technological advancement has been accelerated to new levels. On location, technology has already had a significant impact on budget cuts and redefining what is feasible. IoT is now poised to revolutionize the movie-making process.

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