What makes Cloud Transcoding Valuable in Streaming?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, April 29, 2020

What makes Cloud Transcoding Valuable in Streaming?

In the era of multiple encoding formats, cloud transcoding capabilities supply a host of benefits to streaming platforms.

FREMONT, CA: With the demand for streamed content growing rapidly, streaming technologies are experiencing a lot of churn. The traditional approaches to broadcasting are now outdated. Even conventional video formats are not suitable for streaming. This necessitates transcoding for streaming platforms. Effective transcoding capabilities allow the conversion of the video formats so as to make the videos compatible for internet browsers. In such a scenario, cloud transcoding promises multiple advantages, some of which are enlisted below.

Multiple Renditions for Adaptive Streaming

With cloud transcoding, it is possible to create multiple renditions of the same video file. This allows adaptive streaming capabilities depending on the internet speed of the viewer. Streaming experiences can be hampered if viewers have to access high-definition videos over slow internet connections. In such situations, the low-quality copies of the video created with the help of cloud transcoding can help prevent buffering and ensure continuous playback. 

Extended Compatibility of Streaming Content

Today, many of the video formats are incompatible with streaming platforms. Cloud transcoding can help broadcasters easily convert videos into the standard streaming format, which are supported on most of the browsers. The transcoding can be done automatically with cloud transcoders and be video files can be optimized for playback on every conventionally-used devices irrespective of screen specifications.

Effortless and Cost-Effective Functionalities

Cloud transcoding can be very advantageous from the perspective of costs. Compared to in-house transcoding, cloud-based alternatives are significantly less expensive. Besides, media companies using them do not have to invest in any kind of software or hardware. The need for in-house technicians and operational capabilities are also eliminated. Another advantage of cloud transcoding is that it allows smooth scaling. As a result, meeting peak demands becomes easier.

By ensuring a better streaming experience for viewers, cloud transcoding justifies its growing importance. As competition in streaming touches the sky, streaming companies should look to leverage cloud-based transcoding to attain an edge over adversaries in the market.

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