What is the Importance of Video Analytics?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 09, 2021

What is the Importance of Video Analytics?

In the last few years, the video management system has gained significant momentum in the security industry.

FREMONT, CA: AI-based video analytics is popular. But how many people know about the component that makes this software such a potential security tool? The component that helps to offer company security and productivity is called Video Management System (VMS). About 86 percent of the firms in North America use VMS, and what’s more, half of this percentage derives at least 25 percent of their revenue from VMS.  Here is more about what video analytics is.

The video analytics market created near to $4.10 billion in revenue in 2019. And here comes the amazing part. It is forecasted that by 2027 the numbers will reach $20.80 billion. Video analytics is software powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This software gathers video signals offered by CCTV cameras. Then it converts these signals into data with the assistance of special algorithms. This data is mainly leveraged by the AI system for offering the company security, safety, and enhanced quality. Video management platforms have other advantages as well. These functions can also offer productivity, quality enhancement, and safety-related functions.

The age of conventional security systems is a story of the past. There was a time when security teams used to spend time in a room, monitoring video. Despite long hours of concentration, security teams at times failed to report about details. This often led to unfortunate happenings. With VMS CCTV, the system plays the role of the security team. It automates the process as a whole. It notifies security people about minute flaws, which they may often miss.

The essential functionality of video management software is to provide tight security. However, a machine can’t function as a human being, nor can it take actions like a human being. But it can notify if any problem arises. Smart VMS sends a mail or message with a snap of the identification of the problem. Users can also modify the list of the people they want to notify during a crisis—this aids in forwarding the message automatically to the trusted ones.

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