What is CDN's impact on content delivery?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, December 13, 2019

What is CDN's impact on content delivery?

Modern CDNs are contributing to the faster and more efficient delivery of content to users across the globe. 

FREMONT, CA: Supposedly, a website’s servers are located in New York City, users in Boston will receive the content faster than the people in San Francisco or Tokyo. Thus, the farther away users are from a company’s data center, the slower the application or website will load, thereby creating a frustrating experience for some of the users. The above challenge can be addressed with the help of a modern content delivery network (CDN).

A CDN enables the delivery of content from a mobile application or a website to people more efficiently and quickly, depending on their geographic location. When users request content from a website, they are linked to the closest edge server in the CDN, ensuring the most optimal online experience for the users. Content can be temporarily stored on a CDN so that it can be delivered from the edge to the end-users significantly faster than when it had to be transported all the way from its origin.  

CDN also replaces and updates content constantly so that the latest and the most relevant content gets delivered. Traditional CDNs could catch only static data as such data doesn’t change based on users’ input. However, it’s difficult to cache dynamic content as the data includes frequently changing and often sensitive information that needs to pass through the origin server. However, modern CDN can even cache a major chunk of dynamic content that doesn’t contain personal data. Such dynamic content is event-driven, i.e., based on an action initiated by a human or a machine.

Modern CDNs are benefitting various types of businesses such as eCommerce, media, finance, and others. Major organizations are increasingly investing in CDNs as they understand the potential of a modern CDN to serve billions of requests every day.

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