What a Video Content Management Platform Can Provide for Firms

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 22, 2021

What a Video Content Management Platform Can Provide for Firms

FREMONT, CA : Video has been having quite a moment for some years now. In the US alone, users watch over 180 million hours of video content regularly. This accounts for 75 percent of internet users, a number projected to increase in the coming decades. Today tech-savvy business leaders are turning to enterprise video content management systems. Once enterprises start creating and sharing video content, video content management becomes a vital part of their business functioning. Here is what a video content management platform can provide for firms.

  • Better Support for Huge Video Libraries

A regular two-minute-long HD video will get as large as 200 MB. Beyond storage capacity issues, users will start running into the hurdles of distributing video content across the enterprise. This is why several hosting services on the market can need paid subscriptions for more than 500 MB worth of videos in a week. This is not much compared to the actual video sizes that users will be working with once they have a solid video creation machine going. The suitable Video CMS will make video management an easy process. It will offer an intuitive user interface and a ready-to-use API that the developers can integrate other critical enterprise systems into.

  • Better Enterprise Video Library

Hosting is a single part of video management. Another vital part of enterprise video management is streamlining video delivery to the audience. Leveraging an enterprise content delivery network (CDN) will ensure that the enterprise video experience is easy. Suppose many need to leverage the total value of the video assets they create. In that case, they will need a Video CMS that will ensure that the videos can reach the audience quickly, efficiently, and with increased quality.

  • Access Control

In the enterprise environment, video content is a vital knowledge asset that must be managed like any other intellectual property. Compliance teams require potentials around video approval workflows and legal holds to ensure that videos have been vetted before sharing. User roles and governance features will prevent sensitive information from being shared with the wrong parties and be needed by enterprise risk management leaders.