Untangling the Deeper Insights about Customer-Vendor Relationship with Social Media

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 11, 2019

Social networking analytics is revolutionizing the way users have been using social media. Intertwining vendor-customer relationship now becomes imperative for every business.

FREMONT, CA: Social media is an extraordinary way to connect with people. According to a study, social networking and analytics would be tightly interwoven into the fabric of the vendor-customer relationship. Users have been relying on social media as the prominent innovation that would facilitate customer relationship management to cross the mythical last-mile among customers and vendors. Every analyst said something positive about social media. A lot of things ahead of social and analytics has to go right to accomplish the social customer relation vision. 

Trust represents a key issue in building a successful customer-vendor relationship. Social software represents a powerful means for nurturing trust by establishing a direct, more intimate interaction channel with customers. Therefore, businesses are now investing in social media for strengthening their social outlook, digital brand, and nurturing relationships with their clients. Social media provide organizations with tools to communicate benevolence to a potential customer and, therefore, foster the affective commitment of customers.

Being expressed to customer response and personalization requests gives data on the general attitude of the organization towards the consumers and on how much they are reachable, available, and committed to pursuing the customers’ satisfaction. Sharing opinions and ideas may be seen as a sign of openness and faith in intentions. Taking care of customers’ response and promptly responding to both positive and negative remarks may be seen as a sign of benevolence and predictability, intended as an illustration of the consistency of behavior and responsibility. Social media has equalized the playing field between producer and consumer. Information no longer flows in only one direction; the modern business relationship is an ever-continuing conversation in which both participants have an equal voice in the matter.