Uncovering Business Insights with Advanced Video Analytics

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, September 04, 2020

Uncovering Business Insights with Advanced Video Analytics

Video Analytics, driving informative business insights, is capable of optimizing user-industry choices.

FREMONT, CA: Kaltura enhances its video technology platform by adding new features, which include granular viewing, engagement, and creation. With Kaltura's video solutions, organizations can enhance communication, drive commitment, share information, boost creativity in cooperation, and improve implementation outcomes. Video has become a go-to medium and a new form of data used within any organization for a broad spectrum of usage instances.

Deeper statistics such as, whether the video-view specifications pertaining to size of the screen, availability and the use of slides and speakers, and more, adds to enriching the viewing experience. The new set of features allows content creators to streamline their branding content. With this wealth of information, it becomes critical to lead ideas that can drive actions. For videos and contributors, Kaltura provides a distinctive rating, allowing admins to compare distinct content kinds continuously. Tools such as trend analysis and time period comparison facilitate a deeper understanding of seasonality, adoption, and commitment drivers.

These analytics can be used within an organization to evaluate every aspect of video-specific information. Compliance with IMS Global Caliper and xAPI open standards allows organizations to readily link their video analytics to their analytics systems and platforms to see the complete image of their organizational KPIs while evaluating them. All reports and dashboards can be readily evaluated, exported, and submitted to particular stakeholders, helping users find granular information that reflects user engagement.

Kaltura has emerged as the fastest-growing video platform. Globally, Kaltura is implemented in thousands of businesses, academic organizations, media businesses, and service providers. The firm is dedicated to three key principles–openness, flexibility, and cooperation–and is the initiator and supporter of the world's leading video management open-source initiative.