Top Tech Progressions Carving the Future of Media & Entertainment

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Entertainment and media have become integral to our lives, and advancing tech trends are going to make it an even better experience for us.

FREMONT, CA: There has been an extensive change in terms of how customers now view media, how businesses are creating media use cases, and how marketers advertise with them. In the media and entertainment world, cryptocurrency has also found its footing. Cryptocurrency operates as a decentralized mode of payments that is preferred by many creators and users. It is sure a challenge to wrap heads around the phenomenon that platforms through which we are exposed to media are evolving. Despite the speed at which the entertainment world is changing, precise predictions can be made that will be beneficial to all.

• Artificial Intelligence

AI eases the process of creating new content significantly, maing it more efficient for publications, businesses, and online creators. AI is used to create quick new ads and movie trailers to streamline pre- and post-production processes, making all involved steps more cohesive, cost-effective, and faster.

• Virtual and Augmented reality

The use of VR and AR in entertainment and media is comparatively new. The tech-aided reality is captivating consumers and making businesses money. Globally known apps have paired with blockchain and AR to create new user experiences in which consumers interact with brands in new and entertaining ways.

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• Personalized Advertisements

AI has made personalization possible replacing the traditional, and generalized advertisements. With AI's behavioral data and facial recognition, ads will become more personalized directed at a specific person.

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• Blockchain

To change the entertainment sector radically blockchain is another element. Creators are robbed by distributors and labels financially, making it a primary problem for the industry. Blockchain can remove the middleman from the entertainment and media sector.   

Technology is improving the ways we live, work, and experience the world. But there’s a more significant transformation at play shift beyond digital into an era where tech is built into every single interaction. Media and entertainment industry is surrounded all around us, and these trends will work towards enhancing it even more.