Top 5 Ways Technology is Changing Music Streaming

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, September 13, 2019

Technology-backed platforms are reinventing the music industry with innovative streaming solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Media and entertainment industry has seen radical developments over the last couple of decades, and now it is intensifying even more. The popularity of streaming services has been a revelation, for both, the audio and video categories. Propelled by startup initiatives, technological innovations mark the current global music industry. These music-technology startups are coming up with innovative solutions and platforms that give stakeholders from the industry advantages that were previously unavailable. Be it creators, producers, or listeners, there is something new and exciting for everybody. The domains of technology and music are finally coming together to great effect. Here is a concise list of ways in which the modern music industry is embracing technologies to make streaming better.

• Tech-based Platforms for Music Distribution

Internet-based platforms and apps are changing the way artists distribute their music. Delivering music to a global audience is becoming simpler than ever before. Anybody with a flair for music today has opportunities to make it big. Artists do not have to go out looking for producers or listeners and hope somebody will like their music. Instead, they can turn to exclusively built platforms for musicians that allow sharing of original creations with a few clicks or swipes. The music will then be uploaded for streaming. Some companies provide these services to musicians free of cost. Many songs and albums receive appreciation and popularity. Music production companies are also using these platforms to find new talent and offering contracts to them. Thus, with streaming technologies at their disposal, tech companies are redefining how the music industry works.

• Increasing Smartphone Functionalities

Previously, music could only be made and recorded in proper studios with expensive recording equipment. Technology has brought the same capabilities to smartphones today. Streaming platforms are building their apps which allow the recording of music. These recordings can directly be shared online and streamed to a global audience. Sophisticated controls and settings available in the app enable high-quality recording and necessary editing and modifications. Thus, service providers are bringing a high level of functionality into smartphone devices.

• Personalization of Streaming

Today most music streaming apps and platforms are backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning, thus enabling the creation of smart playlists. Developers are using these technologies to enable smart recommendations. Streaming apps can, therefore, track the behavior of individual listeners and understand the kind of music people prefer. Some service providers have gone one step ahead and have incorporated a higher level of personalization. Depending on factors like heart-rate, physical activities being undertaken, time, weather, and temperature, the app can curate and stream music for listeners. Such streaming services are finding many takers as these give better access to relevant music. Thus, streaming is becoming smarter and more adaptive than ever.

• Integration with Connected Devices

The number of electronic devices being used on a regular basis is increasing every day. Tech companies are now trying to integrate their solutions with most of these devices. Car manufacturers and tech providers are forging partnerships to enable car-modes for direct streaming of music into cars. The same goes for other categories of devices like televisions and smart home appliances.

• Analytics Boosting Streaming

Music technology companies are driving innovations and pushing for in-built analytics capabilities in their offerings. By including smart analytics, streaming platforms are now able to track the number of times a song is played, the number of clicks an album gets and other such valuable information. This makes it easier for the streaming platforms to gain insights into what the works best and helps manage content better.  

Not just apps and platforms, technology companies working towards enhancing music streaming are also bringing out several smart devices exclusively meant to better music streaming. Technology is improving access to high-quality music and giving artists open platforms with creative streaming solutions.