Top 5 Video Streaming Startups Innovating Viewer Engagement

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, September 12, 2019

Video streaming startups are creating a new platform for viewers with innovative approaches and upgrades as businesses realize the needs of their audience and cater to them.

 FREMONT, CA: The future of video streaming is bright, positioned to get even more significant. People in developing economies are prancing desktops and hard-wired connections, and moving straight to smartphones integrated into cellular networks. This makes the video uploading service and sharing much more accessible. With advanced smartphones built with extreme acute displays, video content is becoming the preferred method. Growing embracement of smartphones in integration with a comprehensive range of speedy internet technologies has led to the increasing growth of data consumption. The audio and video traffic worldwide has boosted the use of internet data. Many startups are driving the video streaming industry with their innovative ideas.

•​ Flixster            

Flixster is a movie-oriented social networking site for exploring and gaining information about movies and meeting entertainment enthusiasts with similar tastes and likes. It is the best networking site for movie fans that can create their profiles, invite friends, rate movies and actors, and post movie reviews as well. The site allows viewers to watch movie trailers and learn about the latest and upcoming films hitting the box office. Flixster has created a comprehensive movie social networking site leading to rapid growth and popularity.

•​ Conviva

Conviva the world's most advanced, TV-scale full-census video measurement analytics and intelligence platform, powering every internet-connected screen with appealing viewing experiences by advancing the way OTT firms use data-driven intel. It powers insight into TV engagement, consumption, and viewer experience across every stream, and screen. Conviva's solution uses data analytics to make information actionable and insightful for its viewers and thus allows a better understanding of the content and viewing trends. Conviva has raised ballpark funding of $110 million.

•​ Vuclip

Vuclip is a video-on-demand service for developing markets aiming to entertain millions of viewers. With more than 160 leading studios strategic alliances around the globe, Vuclip brings to subscribers blockbuster Hollywood and regional films, music videos in 20 distinct languages and TV shows. Its Dynamic Adaptive TranscodingTM offers a marvelous unbuffered viewing exposure to customers across all mobile devices on any network. The company appropriates deep data algorithms to enhance consumer experience and provide personalized viewing experience. Vuclip has raised ballpark funding of $158.1 million.


Live broadcasting app lets viewers discover fresh content, find cool people, build a community, and earn cash prizes. This is an innovative platform where people can pick up movie dialogues or any entertainment related to audios and imitate. It is a social media platform for making, sharing, and discovering short music videos, like karaoke for the digital era. Young people widely use the app as a break to express themselves through dancing, singing, and lip-syncing. has raised ballpark funding of $110 million.

•​ Caffeine

The social broadcasting startup, Caffeine is a platform for fun, gaming, and innovative arts. It allows users to mesh in real-time with the broadcaster or spectators, with no more lengthy delays while chatting. With Caffeine, creators can create additive personal, meaningful connections with their followers. It supports broadcasting of hundreds of games but is also the home of podcasting, entertainment, talk shows, news, fashion, and more. It is a new way for everyone to enjoy and create live entertainment, gaming, and creative arts broadcasts. Caffeine has raised ballpark funding of $46 million.

Video streaming is now the preponderance of data accessed on the internet, which will continue to grow. Consumption of digital media has been on the rise worldwide. Increasing requirement of devices sustaining digital media, integrated with faster internet helps users to access media content from anywhere at any time. Extensive use of online video joined with the need for on-demand video is stimulating the growth. With the technology advancement at such a rapid pace, the video streaming space, with higher resolution screens, faster internet speed, and better distribution ways, will help the industry progress faster.