Top 5 Must-Have CDN Features

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Top 5 Must-Have CDN Features

Media and entertainment industry professionals recognize the importance of an ideal CDN, hence it is necessary for them to examine in-built CDN features before investing. 

FREMONT, CA: Internet penetration has expanded exponentially, making the online channel extremely sought-after. Content Delivery Network (CDN) plays an essential role in ensuring the seamless delivery of online content to audiences across the globe. All the industries, including the media and entertainment industry, understand the value of online existence in today's digitalized world. But, the simple presence or production of quality content is not enough to deliver quality content to the audience. This is where CDN steps in to enhance the customer experience by creating an excellent infrastructure that can produce high-speed and optimum-quality streaming of videos, music, software, or any other variety of content. Here are some points that one must consider while choosing a CDN. 

• Speedy Access 

One of the primary purposes of deploying a CDN is the acceleration of web content distributions and streaming. Only when a CDN can assure the firm about the speed of delivery, it becomes an appropriate option in the market. Buffering in videos, lag in opening web pages, and delay in downloads affects the performance of content negatively, as the online viewers get frustrated and lose their interest in the content. Thus, speed is a significant parameter that enriches user engagement and helps optimize other performance metrics. Notably, speed statistics do not give the actual insight, and so, firms must look beyond those numbers to assure standard speed.

• Abilities of Content Retrieval

Recovering content from the cache allows quick delivery and distribution. CDNs should have smart caching capacities to procure content from the edges whenever possible and enhance the delivery speed. CDNs should also maintain the strength to bring out the content from the cache of different servers or from origin whenever demanded. Though this factor is not as noticeable as that of speed, it plays a part in effective content delivery. CDNs that present these features are better equipped to optimize delivery.

• Better Storage and Distribution

Discovering content in case it is not immediately available proves the effectiveness of a CDN. In such situations, the CDN has to locate origin storage and then serve it. Origin storage management abilities are a vital consideration while opting for CDN providers. With assistance like storage automation and multi-region replication, CDNs can manage faster retrieval and improve delivery performance. Additionally, service providers who have an extensive and well-distributed network of servers are better placed as delivery becomes more reliable and less redundant. Thus, coverage is a significant factor.

• Excellent Analytics and Reporting

Today several clients depend on real-time insights to evaluate the performance of their content. For such companies, it has become necessary that the CDNs come with inbuilt abilities that collect and catch data and statistics concerning the website traffic, viewership, and other audience analytics metrics like visits, play duration, and rate of abandonment. These pointers assist companies in recognizing the success and failure of their distributed content according to which content and delivery strategies can be modified.

• Effective Customer Support

CDN service providers must be effective in dealing with customer doubts. Before opting for a particular service provider, companies must-read reports about the responsiveness they show when performing for technical support. Round-the-clock support from specialists with proper knowledge about the domain makes for outstanding customer support services. Thus, CDNs, which are backed by trustworthy customer support, are perfect.

Technical abilities apart, CDNs should be transparent and must have primary security support for the network. When the right content joins the right delivery system, users get an excellent output in the form of broader and more satisfied audiences.

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