Top 4 Video Management Functionalities Tech Vendors can Offer

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 07, 2019

Top 4 Video Management Functionalities Tech Vendors can Offer

The demand for video management solutions is increasing, and technology vendors are expected to expand their video management solution portfolio to cater to the ever increasing requirements.

FERMONT, CA: Online video content is becoming increasingly popular. It has created ample opportunities to produce and host video content on easily accessible online platforms for the media and entertainment industry. With more people being attracted to use online video platforms, video content producers are presented with a challenge to tackle customer expectations and ensure effective video production. To help video producers, technology vendors are developing several video management solutions. Below are offerings technology vendors can include in their video management solution portfolio to attract clients.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI technologies can significantly improve the quality of any application for video management. AI-backed systems enhance video processing with intelligent technologies and help businesses deliver better video content promptly. Therefore, technology vendors can include more AI based solutions in their portfolio to arm their clients to achieve better user engagement and satisfaction.


Managing video content often involves tedious and repetitive tasks. Automation-enabled platforms make these tasks easier for companies. Dynamic video experiences will become a reality when vendors start offering automation to make complex processes of video management cost-efficient and straightforward.

Deep Learning

Devices for accessing video content have been rapidly diversifying. Screen sizes and settings vary across smartphones, computers, and TV sets. Video management platforms must streamline video content so that it becomes dynamic and adapts well to every aspect ratio well. Using deep learning technology, ensure enterprises better viewing experience.

Trouble-Free Search Options

Video management platforms should provide users with trouble-free search options. For organized storage and powerful tagging capabilities, vendors should also give greater control to enterprises when adding and retrieving library video content. Streamlined search engine results make it easier for video producers to work.

Technology vendors can surely expand their customer base by offering the above highly functional features to their customers, ultimately improving the revenue.

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