Top 4 Social Media Hacks to make a Brand Stand Out in a Saturated Market

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Top 4 Social Media Hacks to make a Brand Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Standing out in the social media is very important to add value to brands even with massive competition.

FREMONT, CA: The social media competition is very competitive and stronger than ever. Using smart strategies help the brand and content shine, despite the heavy competition. With several people and businesses now active on social media, it can be a little challenging trying to come up with ideas to cut through all the noise. There are many ways in which business can stand out in social media that is often overlooked.

• Using Brand Voice

One of the quickest and easiest ways to help a business stand out on social media is to be genuine. Nailing the brand voice is a hectic process, but it improves the brand to stand out from the competition and subsequently attract the right followers to the brands' social channels.

• Theme Your Accounts

Theming accounts are a great way to boost a brand presence on social media channels. Theming essentially means sticking to a distinct color palette or approach, using the same filters and the like to create a different look and feel. Themed accounts are visually pleasing, set the mood for the followers, and reflect the brand's experience or current mood.

• Application of Strong Visuals

A simple way to help businesses stand out on social media is to utilize strong visuals. Keeping the images and video quality clear and high is a must. The key to attracting and retaining followers is the ability to carry the brand and reflect the brand feel through imaging.

• Compelling Content

Combining the elements of strong visuals, theme, and brand voice can be used to tell a brand story. Adding more contexts to the visuals with captions adds more value to the brand story. Captions should be compelling, adding value to the audience. The aim is to connect the brand with the audience.

Having a proper strategy in mind always pays at the end. Having a plan will give the brand a direction of content and free up time to get creative. Social media is a marathon and not a spirit, and showing up, and consistency is the key to success.