Top 3 Ways Marketers can Fight Ad Fraudsters

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, November 29, 2019

Innovative solutions are helping marketers fight ad fraudsters, assisting brands in mitigating malicious activities.

FREMONT, CA: Ad fraud has grown into an increasingly tremendous problem for the digital advertising industry. Sources reveal that fraudsters will steal $5.8 billion from advertisers in a variety of various schemes this year, despite every defensive effort. As mediums like audio and video become increasingly in demand for advertisers, the volume of fraudulent activity is increasing in tandem, creating a worse situation for brands. With brands funding billions of dollars in keeping up with the latest advancements in advertising, defense techniques also need to be updated to combat mounting frauds. However, by making just a few variances, brands can recognize click fraud, impression fraud, and other possible advertising issues.

• Double-Checking Traffic Sources

One of the best ways that ad fraudsters deceive digital advertisers is fake traffic. Even though there are many reliable sources of traffic, like paid search, brands should not neglect any stone unturned. Brands must always examine the root sources of their traffic whenever buying ads. They should also develop language insertion orders, as they demand publishers to recognize all extrenal traffic sources. Testing the traffic sources helps brands in seeing how the inventory is being presented.

• Avoiding Concealed Identity Purchasers

The digital advertising world is complicated. The content publisher can hide beneath an anonymous IP address, use a fraudulent profile, or cover themselves under a false email identity. In order to ensure the advertising campaign is not rigged, brands must avoid purchasing from publishers to whom they cannot communicate. Purchasing only from the publishers who have authentic identities can help brands mitigate ad frauds.

• Tech-Updated

Brands must have various ways to fight ad fraud. In recent years, there have been various advancements in ad fraud protection, and variations continue to be developed. Brands should be qualified to take advantage of the most advanced detection methods to evaluate the quality of their continuing ad campaigns so they can re-allocate their budgets respectively.

In today’s digital age, ensuring brand reputation is not a luxury, but a requirement. It is as crucial as investing in user experience, content marketing, or customer acquisition. As ad fraud proceeds to shatter digital advertising, it is now the opportunity for brands to be observant with traffic sources, know and trust advertisers before working with them, and use the best technology to fight against ad fraud.

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