Top 3 Trends Boosting Media Asset Efficiency

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 19, 2019

Top 3 Trends Boosting Media Asset Efficiency

Emerging technologies contribute to bringing impactful transformation across media assets by offering abilities like collaborations and data analyses.   

FREMONT, CA: Media and entertainment professionals, being the active adopters of evolving technologies, understand the need for standardizing their organizational digital assets. An innovative digital asset management solution can streamline the operations of content distribution and production, and even offer options to manage content format for different distribution channels. Modern media companies are approaching technology-based solutions to boost their digital asset efficiencies. Below are some trends that have an enormous impact on media asset management. 

• Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) needs no introduction, as it has already transformed various processes of various sectors. AI-based solutions hold the potential to change the complete workflow challenges of media companies. AI can simplify operations of content distribution channels by setting up schedules for particular tasks, notifying status and alerting in case of delivery failure, and many more. AI enables the ability to identify and shortlist content according to the languages, demographics, and more while eliminating the need for the human workforce.  

• Cloud Computing

The cloud-based operational infrastructure allows collaborative work processes, which proves to reduce chaos and speed up task completion across the organization. In recent years, media companies are switching to cloud-based operation platforms while taking full advantage of real-time information sharing features. Cloud-based platforms help the media companies use their digital assets seamlessly, from remote locations. They also allow the media service providers to standardize subscription agreement, automate channel or asset up-gradation features, and many other services.  

• Data Analytics

Today, data is the most valuable asset for every company and sector; hence, tracking and analyzing data generated by the digital assets of the media company proves to be highly beneficial. Data analytics helps the media players understand their customers' demands, deliver or suggest personalized content, offer customized entertainment packages. 

Advanced digital asset management solutions enable collaborative operations, heightened performance level, and continual asset health monitoring.    

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