Top 3 Technologies Standardizing Filmmaking

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Top 3 Technologies Standardizing Filmmaking

From high-quality cinematography to simplifying post-production operations, advanced technologies are revolutionizing modern filmmaking.  

FREMONT, CA:  Modern-day filmmakers actively invest in innovative tools and applications to promote quality and achieve customer satisfaction. Media technology contributes to transforming the filmmaking processes by assisting the professionals at numerous stages, from shooting the film from brilliant cinematic angles to editing complex frames in a cost-effective manner. Let's discuss some of such amazing solutions.

• Algorithmic Video Editing

Film editing processes are complex and take a massive amount of time to get satisfactory results. In recent years, algorithmic video editing processes have saved a massive amount of capital for production companies by offering options to add natural-looking effects like rain, bright days, fire, and more into particular frames during post-production.  

• 4K 3D Cameras

4K 3D cameras provide high definition, standard video format with enhanced details, and better image quality. With the help of such advanced technologies, filmmakers get creative flexibility to zoom and crop the footage during post-production processes without hampering the quality. 3D effects create a life-like viewing experience, attracting more viewers and customers.  

• Autonomous Drone Cameras

The advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning adds numerous abilities to commercial drones, resulting in new opportunities for filmmakers to take brilliant shots and angles and enhance their content projection. Drones used in filmmaking let the professionals explore new ways of storytelling and increase the viewership. Conventional methods of shooting that include using flights, helicopters, and others tend to raise the budget for every take. In contrast, drones are easy to handle and deliver options to control the angles for numerous times remotely.

In recent years, while technology has made it easy for individuals to access high quality, brilliant content through their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and smart TVs, it has not left the realm of filmmaking untouched.  Advanced solutions for capturing detailed, high-resolution frames, high audio quality, less post-production cost, and more help the filmmakers take full business advantage of modernization.         

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