Top 3 In-Flight Entertainment Trends Transform Flying Experience

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, January 17, 2020

Top 3 In-Flight Entertainment Trends Transform Flying Experience

The in-flight entertainment systems have transformed the way passengers fly by delivering incredible entertainment experiences during long flights.

FREMONT, CA: The urge to deliver next-generation services has encouraged many sectors to adopt innovative solutions, and the aviation sector is one of those. Over the past few years, airline professionals are actively collaborating with entertainment experts to improve In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) facilities. Today, IFE majorly enhances the customer service level in flights and helps the professionals to build strong customer relationships. Some of the trending in-flight entertainment facilities are listed below.

• Passenger Engagement Platform

Airlines professionals continuously look for deploying solutions that can help them provide engagement services to the passengers. Android-based in-seat IFE platforms, seamless entertainment connectivity, wireless IFE, and more contribute to delivering passenger engagement services. IFE engagement platforms allow the passengers to customize playlists, resume entertainment from the previous flight, preview content, and even synchronize personal devices with the IFE system onboard. 

• Quality Display Screens

As the demand for better displays rises, it creates opportunities for entertainment providers to expand their business across different sectors, including aviation. There are numerous smart screen devices available in the market with high-quality displays in lesser price that attract the airline professionals to install standard and more entertainment screens. IFE systems facilities to customize entertainment lists boost the satisfaction level of the passengers while improvising the airline business profile in the market.

• Live Games

In the past few years, live entertainment facilities- especially live tournaments have contributed to the massive growth of business revenue. Today, advanced IFE systems have made it possible for live broadcasting sport onboard.

From delivering personalized content to broadcasting live sports, the airline industry has taken the passenger entertainment facilities to the next level. The growing competition across the airline sector also motivates airline professionals to invest in the latest entertainment tools and applications. Entertainment technology has no doubt transformed the way we fly and continuously contributes to offer competitive services.

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