Top 3 DAM Trends M&E Enterprises Must Look For

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 07, 2019

Top 3 DAM Trends M&E Enterprises Must Look For

By implementing a DAM platform, media and entertainment firms provide a seamless experience for consumers across all technology channels.

FREMONT, CA: Digital Asset Management (DAM) has gone from an exclusive tool for leading enterprises to a mandatory component in every marketing department. In its initial phase, DAM was primarily meant for media library cataloging, storing, and sharing assets. By leveraging modern DAM tactics and tools, media and entertainment business can improve the impact of their digital content. DAM systems help media and entertainment organizations maximize the value of their current digital assets. Here are the significant DAM trends that are expected to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry.

• Cloud-Based DAM

The adoption of cloud has grown in recent years, allowing media and entertainment firms to purchase an enterprise license without being responsible for hosting it. A cloud-based DAM performs better than traditional cloud storage, hard drives, and shared drives because it offers file sharing regardless of file size. In the coming years, DAM systems will continue to embrace the cloud and will provide features like rights management, file rendering, version control, and workflow templates. The security of such cloud-based DAM systems is generally better. 

• Metadata Management

Media and entertainment organizations mainly use DAM tools to optimize overall time organizations have. A lot of firms are working to make sure that their digital assets are embedded with metadata, but it takes time to complete this task manually. DAM tools can now predict the association between digital assets, which allows suggesting options for metadata automatically. This means media and entertainment firms will have more precision over the level of metadata detail they maintain in their files, providing limitless possibilities for searching and cataloging digit assets.

• Blockchain

Blockchain is a secure online ledger system that sets up and manages DAM strategies. Blockchain safeguards the ownership of digital assets and protects the information by determining the integrity and security of the users before giving them access to use assets. Experts foresee blockchain as a critical part of digital asset exchange. 

By focusing on what is new in the DAM world, media and entertainment firms can make sure they are prepared to adopt all the upgradation into their business plan. 

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